Smart Glamour meets The Curve Cult

Hola! So I customised two pretty crop tops from Smart Glamour and I will be featuring one of them here, paired with a gorgeous mesh skirt I got from my local body posi friends’ Rani and Ratna’s plus size store The Curve Cult. Just like my previous outfit, I sent in my measurements for the… Continue reading Smart Glamour meets The Curve Cult

That’s why it’s Smart Glamour

Hey lovelies! So I took an unceremonious break from blogging for a bit to get my life back in order. My health was really waning and there was one ailment after the other, so I was taking care of myself. Now that its sorted, I’m getting right back into fashion blogging! I am well acquainted with… Continue reading That’s why it’s Smart Glamour

Eh-Voh-Lew-Shun fashun 

A look at the fashion evolution for Curves Become Her in 2015. And then the 2016 posts will begin proper!   So my first fashion post last year was post-eye surgery and it was one of my favorite looks. A gothic 90’s meets flower power love child.     followed by a bodycon tartan number    monochrome… Continue reading Eh-Voh-Lew-Shun fashun 

Looking back before moving on: 2015 edition

   2015 had a rocky start. I found myself struggling with social anxiety more debilitating than ever and a growth on my right eye that required immediate attention.  A very close friend from Melbourne was here for the holidays but I was unable to really enjoy 2014’s year end or spend quality time with him… Continue reading Looking back before moving on: 2015 edition

Olive green and Rust 

Heya fam,  I wasn’t planning on doing an outfit of the day post but I realised I had one to shoot for Already Pretty – I contribute fashion posts there once in a while. This is not the same look for that post, I obviously cannot divulge those pictures before they get published on AP.… Continue reading Olive green and Rust