All About The Body

Welcome to the beginning of a new domain for big girls living in a skinny world.

Style knows no size. I did not believe that until I decided to change how I thought about myself this year.

My struggle with the weighing scale has existed since I was 12…yo-yo dieting, obsessing over flabby body parts, overdoing it with exercise, battling bulimia..been there done that. For the longest time, I loathed my reflection in the mirror. People’s unrealistic ideals of a slim physique plagued my self esteem. If I look back at the many times my parents, peers, family friends, relatives commented hurtfully on my frame, I can see how distorted their mind’s eye was. I could have been classified as slightly plump but never chubby, but what I saw in the mirror was a different story. There were the voices of society and the above mentioned people echoing in my head as I stared at the woman in the mirror.

Ironically, I am at my largest size to date and the loathing has slowly started to trickle away. When I turned 30 last December 29th, I decided to learn to enjoy my life instead of trudge through it with guilt & shame. A much needed holiday to Bali in April of this year opened my eyes up to how badly I felt about myself. My lifestyle habits were doing me in. The self-fulfilling prophecies were keeping me caged in my train of thoughts regarding my physique.

So when I came home, I embarked on my 11th weight-loss attempt. This attempt has been the most rewarding and life-altering journey thus far, and I am stoked to see the many more changes that lie ahead. What has been so different about this attempt? I am losing weight firstly without the pressure of doing so to please others. Secondly, I have made peace with the fact that I will always be a curvylicious, bootylicious, bodacious kinda aspiring to look stereotypically slim is no longer my goal. My goal is to turn the poor lifestyle choices around, to be fighting fit and healthy, to appreciate my body at every stage of this journey, to work calmly and patiently through plateaus, to dress with pizzazz thus honouring my curves.

I LOVE Fashion but the magazines can be a cruel anti-thesis to becoming body beautiful. So I started to follow fashionably curvylicious ladies with blogs and other social media accounts (Instagram, FB etc) and I am in awe of the confidence they exude. They teach me valuable lessons on looking and feeling good at any size. I do not put down slim or skinny ladies, my gripe is with the ladies that look down on other women for looking different. Size, colour, facial features, complexions do not dictate who you are and yet we use them so often to undermine our own worth because of these ‘bad apples’.

Being a South Asian, there exists a rarity of role models for girls like me. So I have decided to take it upon myself to be my own role model and hopefully inspire some of you along the way.

On this blog you will view posts about the various looks a big girl can carry off, get a chance to be introduced to other plus sized bloggers, air your thoughts, queries and feelings, look at whats awesome in the world of design, fashion. This space will of course be an on-going diary of my upsy-downsy journey through fitness, fashion, and other awesome possum topics.

And remember, we will have a whole lotta FUN through this all! Before I sign off here is a collection My Lookbook thus far πŸ˜€

Viva Curvy Divas !!!!!!!


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