Botero! get me bodied artwork


This isn’t a fashion post but since it applies to the plus sized world, here goes!

I’ve always had a fascination for Fernando Botero’s artwork. The different scenarios he paints fuller figured people has often caught my attention. He doesn’t have an in-depth explanation for the reason behind choosing this form to weave his creativity but he does profess an attraction to the larger form, in artwork known as situational portraiture. Botero does however paint landscapes and still-life.

I purchased a Picasso painting and Botero painting that feature female silhouettes. I suppose my fascination with his artwork must have something to do with my appreciation for the female form in any size. That is why I adore Sandro Botticeli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ as well. I’m attaching images of the 2 paintings I’ve purchased along with the latter mentioned artwork.

Stay beautiful ladies because your curves become you 🙂




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