Saturday Look : 24-11-12

Finally! My first ootd post!


This look is inspired mainly by the millitary chic style. The camel-orange top & black leggings were purchased from Cotton On. Statement necklace was snagged during a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At the moment, most of my items of clothing are either purchased from Cotton On, ASOS or online local eBay sellers. But I did purchase a few brightly colored leggings that are on their way from the UK last week and I’ll try sourcing for clothing from different retail stores…it’s time to stop playing it safe and have some fun! Getting out of the comfort zone bit by bit has helped me uncover different looks and style ideas that I would never have known otherwise.


The ways to jazz this simple look up are endless : a cropped vest, peterpan collar, chunky elastic belt, brooch/es, pop of colour with shoes, ear cuffs to complement the statement necklace are a few examples. You could even embellish the outfits with studs at the shoulders if you’re an arts & crafts person. I’d just spoil a good shirt if I tried :p








My dressing sense is rather eclectic. Lets just say that I’ve been through so many style phases that it’s hard to dislike a look! I am open to trying anything to see if I’d be able to pull it off. The only concessions I make is towards short shorts, bandeaus or mini skirts. Not yet anyway, if I find a way to get away with those looks without looking dumpy or lumpy then three cheers for me 😀

I began to dress mainly for function and comfort as I gained the pounds over the past few years. That didn’t sit well with my usually creative style sense. As you’ve read in my introductory post, I’ve been working at shedding the pounds this time with no aspirations whatsoever to be slim or skinny. Now that the pressure of looking svelte is gone, there is much more fun and variety to the physical activities that I partake in.

You know how one change in your life creates a ripple effect? Well that is what’s happened here. I needed to prove to myself that I could still look as style savvy at any size, whether it was at this beginning stage of embarking on a healthier lifestyle or later on. I was tired of dressing down and hiding behind clothes that I could not stand wearing.

So as I began light exercises, I began to get one or two items that I wouldn’t normally have purchased a few months ago – a pencil skirt, a peplum top, a sleeveless dress. My beauty regime has begun to improve along with the other changes, so has my outlook on life in general.

I know it might sound shallow that materials like clothes, jewellery, makeup & a beauty regime can change one’s outlook. Making an effort with your appearance is a form of taking care of yourself. That form of self-love is different from narcissism. Vanity isn’t a vice unless it is bred as such.

As you can tell, my blog will be a tad different from other fashion blogs because I will always give my two cents worth of knowledge & experience in the areas of self acceptance and self worth. It is a topic that is extremely close to my heart.

But hey! This is a fun blog for most parts! I know firsthand that we can’t experiment with looks if we don’t have fun in the process 😀 I’ll leave you with images of military chic looks that I covet.





Be good to yourself ladies and remember : Curves Become You 😉




2 thoughts on “Saturday Look : 24-11-12

  1. Yay!! 3 cheers to your first OOTD post!!! I have no doubts, it’ll be the first of many more great looks 🙂 Love this look on you and also think I might be able to pull this off…although I don’t think I can do the belt…not yet anyway! I love the colours and you know I covet that neck piece 😉

    I’m feeling it Aarti…and it’s all good 😀

    Love and hugs, H ❤

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