2012 looks : favorites


I’m on a bit of a creative roll today hence my second post in a day! Now that 2012 is coming to a close, allow me to share some of the looks I have pulled off over the year..my personal favorites πŸ™‚ It’s through taking chances with these looks and positive feedback from my Instagram community that spurred me onwards with the conception of this blog.

I hope to look back at this post the same time next year and marvel at the transformations (hopefully!) that this blog has charted in terms of being a lot more adventurous with wardrobe and makeup choices, challenging my injured feet with some fitness and accepting myself with less disdain, learning to love myself and bringing some vibrance, some inspiration to curvaceous girls out there while finding inspiring myself !!

Look no. 1 :


I would never have considered the pencil skirt for my silhouette until a very close friend remarked during a window shopping session that they would look good on my hourglass frame (for the uninformed, yes – big girls have that frame too! We’re not shapeless!). So on a whim later that month I purchased two stretchy pencil skirts from Cotton On (my usual ‘hang’ as you can discern by now). Tees just did not seem to do the trick with enhancing the look so I decided to go one step further and purchase my two peplum tops – the one in the first picture is the first time I’d tried that particular style on and I was bowled over! The red top in the other picture is from another personal favorite shopping spot, Dorothy Perkins. It hung a little loose so I cinched the waist with a skinny belt (also something that I hadn’t tried before). I received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on these outfits after posting them on my Facebook wall. The deal was done, Im totally sold on pencil skirts!

Look no. 2 :


my love for polka dots was sealed after watching Julia Roberts in her brown midi dress for the polo scene in Pretty Woman. My 11 year old self insisted that my mother buy me a similar dress the very next day and to my joy I found a black dress with the same swirl to the brown dress with white polka dots and it came with a fetching red blazer! You can imagine how often I paraded in mommy’s shoes when wearing that dress πŸ™‚

The first picture showcases a white top with black polka dots from local store Nichii. They have stores in Nexx mall and Vivo City, their size range allows for someone like me, a UK size 18 to purchase their size L or XL tops. The brown bowler hat was an impulse buy from the huge Cotton On store in Vivo City. I love hair accessories and hats, they just liven up any old outfit don’t they?

The second picture showcases a navy blue ruched sleeve top with tiny white polka dots – the effect of that combo on a bigger frame is rather slimming. The necklace worn was the same one worn with the vintage dress in my previous post. It was one of my jewellery purchases during a trip to Bali earlier this year.

Look no. 3 :


This was my first attempt at changing the makeup palette I ordinary use. As mentioned in the previous post, my lipsticks are normally in darker shades. I was searching high and low for the perfect shade of fuchsia pink, that would compliment my brown/olive skin tone. Thank you Maybelline for making me end that search, phew! Nikki Minaj uses this shade all the time and since our skin shades are pretty similar it made me wonder if I’d be able to carry it off as well.

Well the answer is a resounding Yes πŸ™‚
I purposefully wore the dark grey ruched top for this lip shade since grey & pink really stand out on my skin tone. Mission Fuchsia Accomplished!

Look no. 4 :


There are very few colours that I do not care for and teal is not one of them. In fact teal, royal blue and purple are my weaknesses..Im careful not to overload the wardrobe with solely these colours!
Moving one step further after fuchsia on the lips was applying teal on the eyes. What better way to enhance the colour by wearing a top in a similar shade and applying rouge on the lips?

Look no. 5 :


There’s so much fun in discovering what colours complement one another. Given that the trend is moving on to brighter, more vivid shades..I decided to pair an old pair of green gem hoop earrings with a royal purple tank top. There was no need for makeup, the effect of using both colours this way worked its charm right away. I am certainly going to keep discovering colour combinations that liven me up πŸ™‚

So that’s a wrap for this week,
until then remember that Curves Become You πŸ˜‰



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