3 different looks

Hola lovelies!
This post will showcase three different looks that I’ve had in the past two weeks.


Look no. 1 :


– A pink top with lace embellishments from a local store
-white linen pants (Marks & Spencer’s)
– standard trademark purple glasses
-2 lengthy chains : the bronze one was an eBay purchase, the coral/gold one was from DIVA.

The top was purchased from the local store BEGA. I was having quite the headache fending off suggestions of what I ought to wear according to the salespeople in the store, Im sure they were trying to be helpful but the clothing they suggested I try out were just not tasteful.


I instantly gravitated to this bright top with black lace embellishments, and purchased a grey top in the same pattern as well. Pink & black make for oddly compatible bedfellows don’t they? I have always had a penchant for tops with partial lace embellishment, I recall a black top with white lace purchased from SUPRE (Australia) from years ago that started that trend.

I simply adore the look and feel of linen pants. It’s extremely comfortable and cooling for the sunny & humid climate we experience here, it can be worn at casual or semi-formal events. Granted, you won’t see it on the latest runway collections but I don’t believe on adhering strictly to fashion flavours of the season all the time. That’s just too expensive an affair and conformist as well. Life would be so boring if we all looked the same!

Style is a personal choice. The fashion trends that come and go surely will impact our style sense. I prefer to subscribe to my own unique take on latest trends than ‘copy & paste’. Im a thrifty, fashion sensible shopper. There’s a thrill in purchasing a gorgeous outfit at a steal! That’s why I am always on the lookout for such items on eBay, flea markets etc. You just never know what hidden gems you might uncover 😉

Anyway, back to look number 1. There was no makeup or hairdo purposefully done for this look since I was rather unwell that day. I kept it simple with my basics : glasses, black eyeliner on the lower lashes, a dab of Vaseline on the lips.

Look Number 2 :


3/4 sleeve black Peplum top (Cotton On),
dark blue jeggings (eBay, from a seller in UK),
coral/gold necklace that was used in look number 1 as well (Diva).

Tasteful plus size tops are hard to come by in local stores which is why I shop at the Cotton On stores. Being an Australian brand there is the added advantage of having larger sizes. My tops from the store are usually a size L, unless the fit is supposed to be more snug than usual (then it’ll be an XL), or if it’s a flowy, loose cut (size M). I purchased a light green peplum top along with this black one, shall leave the former for another blog post 😉


Aside from Marks & Spencer’s, it is rather challenging to find bottoms in my size, UK size 18. Cotton On’s leggings in size XL fit perfectly but they do not store pants & jeans in my size. In an attempt to be cost-effective and avoid purchasing a $100 pair of jeggings I probably will outgrow in the months to come (exercise regime, remember?), I opted for a pair in my size from an eBay store from the UK.

As much as I adore the stores on eBay US & Australia, postage is a lot cheaper when ordering from the UK from where I am located. Ebay Australia’s shipping prices are the highest amongst the three countries. I do have purchases from eBay US; my choice of online stores mostly depends on where I can get a particular outfit at a reasonable selling & shipping price. I do fork out a larger sum for much coveted outfits once in a while, can’t help it :p

Back to the look.
I have been trying to ‘break in’ the latest lipstick purchase from Maybelline, in Magnetic Coral. My typical lipstick shades are rouge, dark red, pink, dark brown. I decided to give this a go after looking at other brown/olive skinned lasses adorned with coral on their lips in blog sites. It’s going to take some getting used to, this new shade..but I do quite like the natural glow it takes on when applied lightly. I would never have known if I could pull the shade off if I hadn’t given it a try! Good thing Im a bit of a risk-taker 🙂


Look number 3 :


vintage dark blue dress with a cute peach pattern, mesh shoulder (ASOS Curve). This was purchased in a size 20 but if I didn’t cinch the waist in with a belt it would have hung off my frame. ASOS Curve sizes range from 20 and beyond. Looks like it’s time to bid Curve adieu and shop at a size 18.

The dress was paired with a royal blue cropped shrug, a dark blue beaded necklace, an elastic black belt with a silver clasp in the front. I added a thicker layer of kohl on the upper & lower lashes to complement the shade of coral on the lips, peppered in a dusky blue over the kohl on the upper lash and one coat of my Rimmel mascara.


Before I end this post, Id like to add that I deliberately do not draw attention to the shoes that I wear. I have permanent debilitating foot injuries that do not allow me to wear shoes with high heels, unsteady thin heels, thin flat sandals or boots with heels. Most of my leg wear is worn with comfort in mind, to alleviate chronic pain that I experience on both feet. That’s the only part of my body that unfortunately does not allow for much leeway in terms of style, but I make the best out of it and am just grateful that I can stand on my own two feet (somehow). So forgive me for not including the shoes that I wear in my descriptions or photographs!

Have an awesome week ahead!
Remember ladies : Curves Become You



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