2 Looks, One day : 20/12

Heya 🙂
So it was my hubby Suresh’s birthday yesterday and before heading out for a bday dinner and some sheesha at Arab Street, I met a friend for brunch.

Look 1 (brunch) :


I laid my eyes on this printed blue dress on eBay and I got it at a steal because the seller was having an online ‘garage sale’ of sorts. Oh eBay, the many reasons I love thee!


I paired the dress with an old bejewelled wrist cuff purchased during my postgrad study in Melbourne, and a colourful Aztec-styled necklace from a local fashion accessory store. I added more ‘drama’ to the look with fuchsia lipstick (Maybelline) and kohl at the lower lashes.


It was the first time I had worn a dress with a more snug fit and that ended slightly above my knees. I found myself pulling the dress at the sides and fidgeting away! But it’s a positive step in the right direction towards feeling more body beautiful 🙂

Look 2 (dinner & sheesha at Arab St) :


Arab street in Singapore is a bohemian Mecca for lovers of middle Eastern food & fashion, unique vintage or local fashion stores, good live music and sheesha. It has a pretty un-yuppie vibe to it which is such a rarity on this island, so you get people dressed in all sorts of different styles around the vicinity.

I opted for a black V-neck tee with a pair of bright yellow leggings. These leggings were purchased from an eBay store for plus sizes based in UK and I was impressed by the quality of the legging material as well as the speedy delivery! It really was value for my money, each legging cost me $10 (including shipping). So naturally you know what I did after feeling so pleased with my newly acquired purchase – I went online and bought a few more haha!

I would have loved to have added a bright, ethnic-chic cropped sleeveless vest to the top for some extra pizzazz but I have yet to find such vests that have caught my eye. The accessories that went along with the look : a pair of dangling earrings with red semi-precious stones from The Island Shop (local store), and an assortment of bangles that I just put together. I opted for a top-knot bun and bright red lipstick (NYX), with kohl at the lower lashes, light yellow eyeshadow.



Insecurities about my appearance and body frame get to me worse on some days more than others, which is how
it must be for so many girls out there. It isn’t easy living in a country where slimming centres and size 0 bodies are rampant.

Taking pride in the way that I dress &
carry myself, being unapologetic for my size is how I push past those pesky inner demons and my society’s harsh judgement calls.

Im beginning to see how inhibited my older train of thought was – that I had to be of a certain size to be fashionable, that big girls had very few choices in looking & feeling fabulous. It made me work myself up into such an unhealthy frenzy of over-exercising, subscribing to dieting fads. Which eventually would tire me out to a point of no return and I gained all that weight (and then some more) back again.

This is why Im not rushing through my weight loss goal and have given myself a realistic period of time to work through the endeavour. I am not going to work myself out to the bone just so that I can have really toned legs or killer abs. I am what I am, a curvaceous chick and I will never look gangly or sporty. That’s fine by me.

More power to curvy bodied women!


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