the birthday post


Happy 2013 folks !!!
It’s the new year here in Singapore, the champagne bottle has been popped and well wishes conveyed. I hope you had/have a rockin New Year’s Eve and usher/ed in the new year with loved ones. I wish you good health, wisdom and optimistic days ahead 🙂

So my birthday falls smack in between Christmas and NYE, it’s on the 29th. After having celebrated EVERYONE’S birthday, mine comes along. It’s a catch 22 having it on this date : On one end, everyone’s really busy, broke or recovering from hangovers, overeating. On the other end, the merriment and festivities lend a joyous spirit.

I seriously have to get back on the fitness bandwagon once I’ve recovered from my pesky cold (an after effect of too many drinks and late nights). The delightful morsels of food and desserts have chalked up making me feel really unfit gah! :p

Naturally this was a time of dressing pretty and in this post I will feature 3 looks that I wore over the birthday weekend. Why celebrate over just one day right?

Look 1 : blue peplum top, white lace pencil skirt


I’ve come to realise the flare at the end of this short peplum top is somewhat slimming thus handy during periods of indulging in good food haha! I paired it with my latest purchase from ASOS. This is not from the Curve line that caters from UK size 20 onwards, it’s a size 18 but it still fits a little loose so I’ll have to work my way down to a 16 (woo hoo!).

The white lace pencil skirt has a trendy bright orange slip that falls above the knees but the skirt itself is midi-length which generally is what I am comfortable with. I opted for a glitzy pink diamond shaped earring, very retro and purchased from a flea market. My hair was having one of its bad days so I decided to bun it up.



Look 2 : royal blue mini shift dress with yellow leggings


I’m going to have to go easy on further purchases in royal blue because I’ve realised just how many outfits I have in this shade! Can’t be helped, this supposedly darker shade of blue is fascinating because it really can’t be constituted as purely dark in colour since it gives off a vibrant vivid quality doesn’t it? The dress was much too short for my liking but no matter, when that is case I normally pair it with pantyhose or leggings. This was the birthday outfit by the way.

The bright yellow leggings complements the top nicely and once again there is an unlikely slimming effect due to the ruched bits of the top and the length at which it tapers off. Being a plus sized hourglass shape, I am conscious of three problem areas : the arms, tummy, thighs. It’s nice to be in proportion but that also means that there is an equal division of extra flesh above and below the torso. Go figure!

I spent the day before my birthday organising my accessories because it was a right mess. You know how you forget what you’ve purchased then stumble upon something awesome and gasp in delight? Well that’s what happened when I re-discovered this band of soldiers necklace. Purchased from where else, eBay of course!


I paired a slim brown belt with the top although I think in hindsight I could have done better by using a medium sized belt to tuck the tummy a little. Ah the perils of festive occasions and their gastronomical delights 🙂


Look 3 : Grey tee, lace skirt


The early afternoon after my birthday I was headed to lunch at a friend’s place. It was a little warm so I went with the tee in size L from Cotton On. There was a crazy 50% store wide sale, how could I resist? Plus I really do like wearing slouchy tees, they’re perfect for the climate here. Since I didn’t want to go totally casual, I paired the tee with my white lace pencil skirt. Some of my plain or printed pencil skirts do not go well with casual tops, but I have seen many a fashion blogger try this semi-casual look.

Being a child of the 90’s, I will always be all about the grunge era deep down so I thickened the kohl at the lower eyelids and added a few bangles from my little bangle stash.


Now here’s a little known fact about your blogger : she is fascinated with anything macabre so the skull printed tee was a delight to purchase 🙂

So this is my post to start off the new year and I thank you for showing interest in my humble e-dwelling. I endeavour to bring a lot more oomph to this space and also touch upon body image, self esteem issues.Just because I am a certain body size it does not mean that I should judge people who are larger or smaller than I am.

I earnestly believe that everyone has a beauty and charm about them, so my dear curvy girls do remember that no one size or colour or look can monopolise the beauty that is out there. Love yourself because loving others will be easier that way. I have a constant battle with the woman in the mirror and the battle of the bulge does not help matters. But a few months before starting this blog, I began to make conscious efforts at rewiring my harsh self-criticism. It’s been paying off in subtle ways, so I urge you to press the mute button on that negative voice in your head that does nothing but point out your flaws. We were all created imperfect, and that my dear readers is a thing of beauty in itself.

your Curves become You



6 thoughts on “the birthday post

  1. A perfect post to kick start 2013! Soldiers necklace = very cool! Also love the white lace skirt and tee look…would never have thought of that myself but I think I could carry it off?! Love skirts! Also…this year I have to find a dress that’s right for me and I look to you for help darling!!

    1. thank you my dear darling H! I would be chuffed to help out! and Yes the lace skirt & tee is a really versatile look, Im always on the lookout for novel ways to create a look! Im glad you liked it 🙂

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