Sunday look : 20/1/13


It was a blissful Sunday 🙂
It rained all day and watching the raindrops from bed made it near impossible to rouse myself for brunch. But the hubster and I had made plans with our mates for a cuppa.

I decided to wear my green retro-printed skater dress fromASOS curve, an older favourite. It was paired with a leopard-printed skinny belt and a handmade necklace from my trip to Bali last April. For those of you who might take a trip there sometime, head to the Seminyak area if shopping is your thing 🙂

With the typically hot & humid climate that I live in, its comfortable to go sleeveless but I am painfully conscious of my arms. I have one or two gorgeous dresses for club wear and quite a few tops that I simply have not worn because of my discomfort. But, I am working on getting comfortable in my skin. So I coaxed myself into the sleeveless skater dress and coaxed myself some more while getting the blog pictures taken.


I believe what irks me more than the critic in my head is the fact that people who are not slim tend to judged harshly based on the typical waif-like Asian frame. They tend to blatantly stare, sometimes even point out to their friends and poke hurtful jibes within earshot of the person being derided. So to avoid that sort of nonsense, I hid beneath shrugs, long sleeved clothing, and looks that made me be a total wallflower.

But the rebel in my head, the newfound ‘love my curves’ attitude, the unapologetic feminist in Me have begun a revolt!


This is who I am:
A plus sized lass who has always had a sense of style and a passion for fashion. There is no need to hide. There is no need to cower or feel bad when harsh judgement calls are made upon me. My prerogative is to be the best that I can be. Size is but a slice of who a person is. I will not only look good but more importantly feel good throughout this journey of self discovery and healing.

I am sickly, I have chronic debilitating foot injuries and life is a constantly evolving work in progress. People may be critical of how I look.

But I will keep my chin up and keep working on muting the self-critic. The other critics are secondary. I just want a clean bill of health not fashion advice from people who don’t know any better.

Here’s to a great week ahead where we get to remind ourselves that our curves Become us 🙂


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