casual Wednesday : 31/01/13

Feeling slightly better so I stepped out for a short bit on a weekday after AGES to get some air.


paired my personal favorite – The Ramones muscle tee in grey – with dark denim jeggings. Top was from Cotton On, jeggings from eBay UK.


wore my glasses for a change, I wear them most of the time so what the hell right, got to love the myopic geek in you haha..

my only accessory was a pair of square black studded earrings


Now this was frankly, just thrown together so rather blah but if I had a little more time to get ready (the hubster was practically pushing me out of the door..), here are a few ways I would have snazzed things up:

1) layer the top with a blazer. That would turn the casual tee & jeggings look to a chic one :


2) Suspenders – my new love


3) Brightly coloured skinny jeans – trust me curvy ladies, it is a Very becoming look so don’t shy away from colour! Get one with a little bit of stretch material and you’re good to go


4) Vests. They make the female silhouette look so sexy. Not to mention it tames wild curves 😉


5) Bangles Bracelets Cuffs


6) Sneakers, high top ones or regular


Signing off for the night, love those curves ladies – big curves or petite ones alike 😉



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