the Liebester award


So I was nominated for this award by the darling pink lady of

I am an ardent follower of her musings 🙂

This award is designed for bloggers with less than 200 followers..

The rules are:

* Share eleven facts about yourself with your fellow bloggers
*Make sure to answer the awarder’s eleven questions
*Ask eleven questions of your own
*Nominate eleven loggers for this award

Here are 11 facts about moi :

1. I dance when home alone with a hairbrush as a mike (yes I am totally dramatic)

2. I sing when I am feeling low

3. Writing is my heart’s panacea for the empty spots and old wounds

4. I love getting quaint objects to pepper around my room and apartment

5. I Love eating and drinking all that I should not – my health fails me often so there is a long list of Don’ts.Meh. Life’s too short to deprive yourself!

6. I don’t like taking phonecalls. I think pickng up and hearing distressing or devastating news over the years has me made a little phobic to answering phonecalls. But, I will gladly send a text message or email. If I HAVE to take the call though, or on the odd occasion that I feel like chatting over the my dear caller, are in luck 🙂

7. Always wondered about trying stand up comedy. Been a funny girl with a funny face and funny actions all my life.

8. I idolise all comediennes – Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Melissa McCarthy are a few examples

9. My first word was Bachchan – Amitabh Bachchan is THE bonafide Bollywood superstar

10. I lose track of the world around me when I read

11. I am an utterly hopeless romantic

Now, to answer the eleven questions by Caterina

1. What defines beauty?

In my eyes…being confident of who you are and all that you stand for, being compassionate citizen of the world, a willingness to learn from your mistakes, to be able to admit your follies and accept your flaws – they stand for beauty. If you are not a good person within it is difficult for me to appreciate your outward appearance.

2. What is something you admire about yourself

My resilience. Sometimes I look back at the curveballs I was dealt with and I wonder, how on earth did I overcome them? In fact, during those times I was constantly riddled with the question – Can I get through this? But somehow, I moved on..and I still have that resilience, like a rebellion against bad times.

3. What is your proudest moment so far in life?

Thats easy 🙂 Learning to walk again. In a rash moment of anger, I hurt my right foot and doctors proclaimed that I would never walk again. The day I walked out of the bathroom and attempted tentative steps to my mother (I was 23), my heart knew no bounds.

4. What do you believe in?

I believe in genuineness. Even if it seems like you are the only person making that point, and everyone else is against you, If you stay true to yourself..anything can be achieved. I know that to be true.

5. What is your best piece of advice?

Don’t stop learning. Keep yourself abreast of what’s going on in the world aside from your little bubble and keep that thirst for knowledge alive.

6. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

A double rainbow. A few hours after bidding my mother goodbye forever.

7. Have you ever been in love?

Yes. I still am in love with my boyfriend of 12 years, now husband of 6 years

8. Do you collect anything?

Oh my goodness, where do I start? I collect postcards, trinkets, images online that catch my eye, quotes & articles, books, candles..and a terrible habit – shower gels & body sprays (I have SO many..)

9. What is your most treasured possession?

My safe haven aka my home. I ached for a place that granted me security, serenity and joy. I have become a homebody after acquiring my apartment and doing it up just the way I wanted !

10. Do clowns freak you out too?!

They don’t freak me out per se, but they do annoy me. Makes me wanna punch them to get those silly made up smiles off their faces. Ugh!

11. Name your favourite scent?

Easy question! J’adore by Dior


Now here are My 11 questions:

1. What is your favourite scary movie? (I typed it out with the Scream psycho’s voice in my head hahaha)

2. Name a part of the world you would like to explore but have not done so as yet

3. Do you have a phobia and what is it ?

4. What characteristic do you value most in a friend?

5. Is there an item in your wardrobe that you have kept for a long period of time and if so, what is it?

6. What is that one item you cannot do without in your handbag?

7. Name one person in your life who inspires you

8. Define strength

9. Do you have a guilty indulgence? Name 5

10. What has been the happiest moment of your life?

11. If you could sum your blog up in one word, what would it be and why?

Here is my pick of 11 bloggers  :













Well I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my list and I await for yours! Don’t forget to put in 11 of your own questions and most of all..Have fun !



4 thoughts on “the Liebester award

      1. Of course! I thank you for your display of honesty and integrity you have shown, I admire how you have had such grace.

        Thank you, I wish you all the best too!

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