personal style : La Dolce Vita


So you keep abreast with the trends, but what is your personal style?

Over the years, like any girl, I have had my fashion phases, fashion faux pas’ and fashion epiphanies.

For example…Pants were my first foray. Satin, corduroy, checkered, tapered, printed, denim..and many other kinds were tried and tested. I now always own a pair of soft grey flare pants, white linen pants, dark blue denim jeggings, palazzo pants in black or white and my trusty bootcut jeans.

I’ve had a goth-fashion phase,
a grunge hipster phase,
feminine girly girl phase,
Asian & Indian influenced phase,
only denim as bottoms phase. That’s just the clothing. My hair has gone through So many different phases & colours. Shoes, bags, jewellery, glasses (myopic geek power!).

Some aspects of each phase have stayed with me and become wardrobe staples.

Lately with coming to love myself big curves and all .. it’s been a new dimension altogether. Like Ive said in a post before, I just assumed that big girls Could not dress up because we had very limited choices.

Granted, I find myself frustrated on occasion when window shopping. It is challenging to a) find shops that store bigger sizes b) find fashionable clothing in stores for big sizes c) not cost a bomb d) be slighted by a salesperson who doesn’t know any better – which is sadly, a common problem in Singapore.

But it isn’t all that bad now. I do have options, albeit a lot more limited but it isn’t a complete scarcity.

I’ve been purchasing different kinds of plus size clothing to see what works and what doesn’t. And during this process is when I stumbled upon my personal style statement.

But let me backtrack for a bit.

A few years ago, I was huddled in front of the telly on a cold night during my stay in Melbourne and watched my first Frederico Fellini film – La Dolce Vita. Needless to say, your blogger was so enamoured by Anita Eckberg’s sensuality. If you have seen the movie, you will remember her wading through Fountain Trevi in that strapless black gown like an ethereal being. I thought to myself, “Wow, now that is the kind of woman I’d like to be. Unabashed, Unapologetic”.


A few years after that, I watched Under the Tuscan Sun. I adored the ladies in their dresses and hats. They had a bold feminine style that showed their curves off in a tasteful light.


As I began to walk down this recent road of body acceptance, self dawned on me that all my shopping choices thus far were reminiscent of what I had seen in both movies. I was purchasing clothing that was bringing attention to my curves instead of concealing them. There is nothing I love more than a form fitting bodycon dress or pencil skirt. I enjoy showing off my body, by being provocative but not lewd.

For the western world, a little décolletage is nothing. Here, you get gawked at by men and stared in disdain by women. And that is with a Mild show of skin. Ironically, long skinny legs are not a problem to be put on display.

So I have taken it upon myself to say ‘Well I may not have what you have but I still have got enough to flaunt and feel good about’.


Thats how I finally found my personal style statement : La Dolce Vita. Tasteful, feminine yet tough, unafraid and sensual.


Other elements that I will always count as personal style statements :
my love for androgynous fashion, uncluttered fashion accessorising, and constant experiments that either result in stellar fashion looks or a major fashion faux pas. I enjoy taking risks.

So what would you consider Your personal style statement? It doesn’t have to be elaborate or grandiose, what matters is that You are pleased with what you have as wardrobe staples. There will always be a blur of trends that will come & go but style is after all very we shouldn’t get too caught up in playing catch up all the time.

In my opinion, a fashion savvy person is someone who knows what suits them best and works with the ongoing trends that best accentuate their personal brand of style.

At least, that is what I aim to be.
After all there isn’t anyone to outdo but my own inner fashion critic. That critic is harsh enough as it is! 😉




2 thoughts on “personal style : La Dolce Vita

    1. Hey Olga! I know what you mean and I think that’s a really cool outlook!
      this newly discovered personal style is definitely more of who I am but I have other styles that I will always love. I will never stop experimenting and incorporating what’s current or much coveted 😀

      Fashion oughta be fun right?

      In most areas of life I like to have a specific routine but with changes peppered in all the time, or I’d get restless and bored!

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