the twirly golden skirt

Yours truly is still unwell, the mono is phasing out but Im having a nasty cold that’s really slowing the recovery process down. Sigh.

Anyway. That didn’t deter me from meeting my friends to check out the Chinese New Year decorations at Chinatown! It’s the night before the eve so you can imagine the crowd..but I really liked walking about checking out their preparations for the upcoming festivities.

Naturally, I was feeling festive so I went for a vintage pleated golden skirt in midi length, black tank top and tan coloured shrug for the walkabout.



Fashion accessory of choice was a double layered bronze spiked necklace, purchased from a flea market.



Makeup was rather simple, Im aiming to go for the au naturel look of late. But I was looking ashen from the all-day sneezing so I added kohl at the lower lash line, one coat of Rimmel mascara. I purchased a nude brown shade recently but it seems to pale my complexion so I dabbed a dark brown lipstick gently to add some colour.


Alternatively as an accessory with this look I have previously used a turquoise sash necklace from DIVA.


Well that’s my look for Friday night. It’s a long holiday for Chinese New Year (until Tuesday for most), so I’ll be checking back in with more looks to add I’m sure. Here are a few pics from my visit to Chinatown earlier.





Have an awesome weekend,
love those curves!

P.S : my first un-photo shopped post 🙂
Thank you for the really encouraging comments after the previous post, I really wasn’t expecting the feedback that I did and I am very grateful for your sweet words!

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