print clash

Hello folks!
How has the week been? For those of you caught in heaps of snow or really bad weather (which seems to be the case in quite a few places of late), stay safe!

I am happy to report that I am finally free of that annoying long bout of mono, phew!! Back to real life! Although watching movies all day was not such a bad deal..the being sick part sucked big time!

So everybody’s talking prints these days..and mixing them. I am actually new to the world of prints – yes Ive always had a few printed tops in the closet but I have for the most of my 30something life relied on basic coloured clothing. Last year definitely saw the end of that era what with printed pencil skirts and a couple of tops. Thank Goodness 😉


Tan leopard printed top, sleeveless – Cotton On (size L)

skinny jeans in a dark green & black floral print – ASOS (size 18)


This is my first foray into skinny jeans and I am SOLD on the style! This one was not only stretchy but really comfortable and helped tame the wild curves at my hips 🙂


My arms being one of ‘trouble spots’ were given the option of an old black shrug


As always, I kept it simple with my fash accessories, going with a beaded green chain (eBay Singapore) and a royal blue coloured envelope clutch


Makeup :
NARS rouge lipstick
Rimmel black mascara
Revlon eyeliner for an attempt on the winged tip




The clash of the prints works when the prominent shades between the contrasting prints are from the same colour family. My outfit for example had the colour black in common between the top & jeans.

Here are some of my favourite print clash images :






Until my next ootd post, remember to be nicer to the reflection in your mirror. I am grappling with it myself, since Ive been out of the workout scene for 2 months now. But the good news is, you can look awesome at Any size. So Im going back on the treadmill, but Im not going to hate on myself for not losing as much weight yet.

That’s just pointless!
Heck I was really self conscious in the top that I wore above but I ditched the shrug when I was out for dinner, on purpose. To learn to shrug off the stares and walk proud in my imperfect body. Not easy, but very rewarding 🙂

One thought on “print clash

  1. I love mixing prints and I wish more people would embrace it.
    Also, good luck with getting back to working out, it can be a bit tough to motivate yourself again when you’ve taken a break.

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