look for the night : military chic

Hello guys!
So Ive been feeling a little better from the 2 month stint of mono (fingers crossed it disappears completely soon).
Which gave me some energy to step out and have some coffee with my mates.

Here was the look for the evening


I will always be obsessed with a few colours : black, red and khaki being some of them. So I decided to pull something together with this long sleeved oversized khaki top.


I threw in my black pencil skirt and a green medium belt to complete the look. The belt also serves to conceal the garter around my top that ends above the high waist, plus it adds more shape to the silhouette.


I normally let my wild wavy mane of hair fall to my face but decided to rein it in with a thin leather (faux) hair band.


Since it was a night out and about in town, I puckered the lips in my fav lip shade -red- and went with a winged eyeliner for the upper lashes.



Top & Pencil skirt : Cotton On
Belt : eBay Singapore
lipstick : Avon
eyeliner : Yves St Laurent kohl pencil

Til my next blogpost, love ur curves big or small πŸ˜‰


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