hello Spring!

Heya peeps!
How’s the first week of March coming along?
Well I’m pretty stoked for a few reasons 🙂 The biggest reason being that I’ve finally booked my tickets and its off to Melbourne on the 28th! I lived there for sometime and have not made a trip back since 2007. High Time!

Plus spring fever is approaching .. Or has it already arrived? Living on an island that only sees humid hot weather most of the time with the exception of a few months of monsoon really wonks up your bearings with seasons! Added to that the only place I’ve lived outside of Singapore (Australia) has its seasons upside down! I know it was a pretty rough winter in a lot of places around the globe, so here’s to the arrival of spring flowers and less chilly weather for you.

This fashion collage wasn’t made on Polyvore, it’s merely a collation of items of clothing or ensembles I’ve seen (got to love Jessica Kane’s striped skirt!) that I see myself getting acquainted with during this ‘season’ (btw, winter season is a complete dud here. We can’t wear knee high boots in this climate, let alone thick trench coats ugh).

Have a pleasant midweek, until the next post.. love them curves because they become you 😉






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