Saturday night look

How was your weekend readers?
Sending you heaps of love from crazy-weather Singapore 🙂

Saturday night was awesome. Im not a party animal and much prefer time with my friends. Had dinner at my favourite Italian restaurant here, Buono with a very close friend. It was just us girls enjoying the food (I had a delicious mushroom & broccoli risotto and we shared a Quattro stagioni pizza). Then we adjourned to another spot for drinks and a long, relaxing chat.

This was my look :


1) Cream shrug and sleeveless heart shape print tank top from Cotton On
2) Red leggings, eBay UK
3) Black clutch, Dorothy Perkins
4) Custom designed necklace, Etsy (given by a friend)



Make up was pretty understated,
Im aiming to relinquish the ‘made-up’ look to a more natural one. Still a work in progress!



Think it’s high time to Amp this up a
bit. On the agenda is :

– hair trim & style
– more natural makeup
– taking blog pictures outside of home :p

Well here’s to a new week ahead,
love them curves 🙂

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