Birthday party Saturday night

How was your week? My apologies for going M.I.A this week, I have been busy with other commitments and a little preoccupied by a case of pet-neglect in my block of apartments. Your blogger is a pretty ardent animal lover. But that I shall leave for a personal blog post soon 🙂

It was my friend Przemek’s birthday party last night. He isn’t one for big gatherings, but he’s leaving our shores to go back to Poland for good at the end of the year so he threw this bash. As is custom, we had tons of specialty Polish vodka which is bloody strong! Im pretty good with handling alcohol but since Ive only just recovered from Mono I grudgingly skipped the vodka and only had one bottle of Hoeaargarden beer (one of the few beers I fancy).


ASOS dress with a tulip cut bottom and scoop back in size 18



Since my focus was on the eye makeup for this look, I opted for a neutral shade with my newly purchased brown lippie.


My accessories – a slim black belt, chunky DIVA hoop earrings, golden coloured slim hairband



I absolutely love how this dress feels and it’s a different look on me isn’t it?

More posts to come this week.. I promise! In the meantime, be proud of
Your body – dimples, extra skin and lunch babies 😉 Your curves become You.



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