It has been a mere 5 months since the conception of Curves Become Her. It is a wondrous feeling to sit back and think about the leaps & bounds I have made in these 5 months.

I thank you for visiting my little world and for putting in your comments, thoughts on my posts. I value your feedback immensely because it tells me more about my readers and fellow awesome bloggers.

I hope that along my bumbling path on the plus size fashion world, I have imparted some tips & ideas for girls out there (like me) who are learning to grow comfortable in their skin. Im no professional (Yet); just learning the ropes as I go along.

What really helps in this journey is my genuine love for this and your input. I honestly have had many a day of doubt, unsure if I was cut out for this and really unsure if I am any good at it. After all, everything in my life has either been psychology-related, arts & writing related, and my love for history & philosophy..with the exception of my background in the performing arts.

It’s amazing what polar opposites my 2 blogs are and rather cool 🙂 and yes, in case you don’t already know I am no newbie in the blog world, Ive been writing as Indigo Violet on wordpress for years now 🙂

I am still trying to work through the technical aspects of CBH – Ive mentioned it in a post before that I really don’t want to post pics of myself behind that blank wall at my apartment with insufficient lighting and Im sweating buckets the whole time because it’s stuffy, added to that my hyper dogs that start jumping around me or worse still picking a fight to get my attention while I pose – I do my best to stay poised in the pictures despite these shennanigans !

Admittedly, the 2 months of mono which started my 2013 was quite the downer. It’s difficult to pick up where I left off in terms of fitness & diet, there are so many things that Already complicate my exercise routine (feet with chronic injuries, asthma, chronic low grade depression). It’s the Pushing that’s hard to do. It is extremely important for me to get healthier because my doctors have advised it, and no they didn’t just advise it because I am overweight. There are a few other complications involved.

Speaking of which having injured feet is a double edged sword – on one hand I tend to get RLS after a workout which gives me hell during bedtime..imagine falling into deep slumber while you feel a knot of tension in your foot that’s just waiting to create a knee-jerk reaction that Will wake you up.
Not Cool.
On the other hand, it’s imperative to keep the feet limber and active, because the tightness in the muscles and tendons ease up so much more. It helps me walk easier and for longer periods of time when I am out and about.

The BIGGEST culprit with my exercise motivation is the depression. It is sooo easy to give into the excuses that my mind makes up because of my dull state of being.

But like I always say .. I Will Perservere.

I know that a lot of my friends don’t take my blog seriously, they see it as my hobby or extracurricular activity. I also know that they’re surprised with my progressive transformation from a wavering plump wallflower to a confident plus sized woman.

All I needed was to permit myself to pursue my passions and to bid the daily rat race goodbye. To permit myself to stop hiding underneath clothing I abhorred and having style choices that were mine.

Jennifer Lawrence once said in an interview that during her growing up years she wasn’t sure at all if she would get the chance to get noticed and become an actress. What she did believe was that if she was given the chance, she would be spectacular at it.
She just knew.

That’s a lot like how I feel about this blog. I just knew.

Thank you so much for your love and w encouragement – to my fellow bloggers be it from WP or elsewhere, to my Instagram account followers, to my Twitter folks, to my Facebook mates. I hope that your support will remain steadfast and that you hang around long enough to see me move through even more leaps & bounds 🙂

A personal thank you, with tight hugs & kisses to my tier of best friends – Chita, Soma, Sunita, Harsha, Munira, Esther. And my good friends Sakina, Indrani for the support!

Sincerely, Aarti Olivia Dubey



10 thoughts on “Sincerely

  1. Muuuuuah my darling Girl!!! You are incredible in so many ways…and I’m very proud of you and absolutely thrilled with being in your tier of BFF 🙂 🙂 Coz you know you’re in mine!! And again, I want to say how important I think CBH is! Like Afshan says…it’s inspirational and fun and informative…just like you! ❤❤❤❤

  2. I enjoy your blog a lot and I thank you for today’s posts, which make me reflect on what truly happiness and beauty means!

    1. tight hug. thank you sweetie, it means a lot to me that you like my wee blog. I promise to finish the previous nomination’s post as well and publish both v v soon 🙂

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