what’s playin?

Just thought I’d pen a post unrelated to this blog space about the one thing that I LOVE and can’t do without – Music.
It makes my little world turn around with some normalcy. Lets see if we share common musical tastes! Chime in and tell me which artists get the most airplay in your music devices 🙂

Here are the Most Played artists from my iPod :

1) The Foo Fighters

2) U2

3) Incubus

4) Nirvana

5) Amy Winehouse

6) Bjork

7) Coldplay

8) Chris Brown

9) David Bowie

10) Depeche Mode

11) Ellie Goulding

12) Emily Sande

13) Erykah Badu

14) Fiona Apple

15) Gotye

16) Jack Johnson

17) Jill Scott

18) John Coltrane

19) Kimbra

20) Lia Ices

21) The Lumineers

22) M.I.A

23) Marina And The Diamonds

24) Massive Attack

25) Michael Jackson

16) Morcheeba

17) Muse

18) Ne-Yo

19) No Doubt

20) PJ Harvey

21) Portishead

22) Rachael Yamagata

23) Radiohead

24) RiRi 🙂 (BIG fan)

25) Rufus Wainwright

26) Rodrigo Y Gabriela

27) Sia

28) Skrillex

29) Snow Patrol

30) Thievery Corporation

31) Tori Amos

32) Wiz Khalifa

33) Yael Naim

34) The Ting-Tings

35) Gossip

36) 30 Seconds to Mars

Hokay well that’s me for tonight. Looking forward to the weekend as usual! Im sure you are too.

Celebrating a bestie’s 30th bday, can’t go crazy because Ive got a trip next week but hey..life’s not fun if we don’t have our playtime! Not like us adults are having siestas and sipping margaritas all day -.-

Gosh to be a kid again 🙂


7 thoughts on “what’s playin?

  1. Great list! More than half of them are in my MP3/CD collection, while the others I’ll make a note of to check out, as I’m always trying to expand my musical horizons. =)

      1. It’s hard to start naming off names, because I’m so like my dad, and my tastes are so eclectic! I put up a media list section on my blog, which includes the music I own; I don’t have a list of singular MP3s ready yet. It all varies. I listen to so much!

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