fit for a tea party

How’s the weekend coming along guys? Having a good time painting the town red or simply relaxing?

March is officially the Craziest birthday month. There are so many friends’ big days to celebrate! but the highlight of this month has been the arrival of one of my besties Soma’s birthday. It was her 30th birthday and she held a tea party at her place earlier today, complete with shades of Easter and a donut bday cake πŸ™‚

Here’s a piccie :


I decided to go for a simple, girly look with a baby blue chiffon dress from Forever 21 +
My only accessory with the dress was a pair of dark grey pearl ear studs



I’m trying to tone down the makeup and work on creating a more understated
look. It’s a work in progress..



Im now in search of different colours to liven up the wardrobe, hope to find a few tasteful outfits this month. I have been a lot more open to new wardrobe choices for over a year or two now and it’s going to stay that way!

Time to crash.
Next up on Sunday is a visit to the folks’.

Til my next post,
add some vibrance to Your life and love those dangerous curves!



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