not just a polka dotty peplum post

and just like that it’s the end of the weekend whomp whomp whomp … >.<

Ah well.
Hope you had a good one and I hope you have a fulfilling week ahead. Don't be too hard on yourself alright?

My Sunday evening was spent with the folks. It's always approached with apprehension because I have a civil relationship at best with them. I keep my distance, for my own good.

Anyway, since they're always hung up about my weight and rotund-ness, I decided to wear something I'd not be too self conscious in. Something I would feel comfortable in. So I opted for a simple getup.



A white peplum top with black polka dots, teal coloured leggings and a pair of white ear studs.


Makeup was mainly kohl on the lower lash line and light pink lippie. Hair was having a baaad day so I hid the mad lion mane with my slim faux leather hair band.


As always, Schatzi my hyperactive Jack Russell Terrier was jumping amok while Su (Su aka Suresh aka The Hubster) was snapping these pics. So I scooped her up and took a few shots with her, which she was more than happy to do πŸ™‚



There has been some flack from people in my midst about the use of real leather and other animal products in other fashionista’s blogs. Personally, I do not stand for using animal skin as clothing. But I will not impose my opinions on anyone. Also, there are the ‘intellectuals’ in my midst that show disdain for fashion blogs in general and to that I say – to each her own. As far as I am concerned, I know who I am and what I stand for. I am more than my size, fashion statement and academic qualifications. You will not find me looking down upon someone else’s body of work. If there is one thing I despise more than anything else, it’s a judgemental person. I abhor prejudice of any kind – be it size, age, colour, education level, wealth, social standing.
Just because I have a Masters degree, a professional working position, a blog.. does not mean I have the right to sniff at what anybody else is doing. That’s a really elitist and snooty thing to do.

Just because I am plus sized, have pimples on my face, wear glasses does not mean that I have the right to despise slim or skinny ladies, women with perfect skin or perfect eyesight. Everybody is judged on some level in some way, nobody leads the perfect life.

Through this blog, my goal as I have always said is to hopefully empower women to feel better in their own skin. You don’t have to wear expensive clothing with branded labels, You don’t have to follow the ongoing or upcoming trends all of the time if that’s not your thing. What I advocate more than anything else is to Be comfortable with being Yourself.

My 360 degree turn around happened when I did just that. I got sick and tired of hating what I saw in the mirror. I was sick of materialism in this urban landscape. I was tired of feeling unpretty. So I decided to start losing weight gradually, at a very realistic pace without the aids of slimming aids or ‘quick fixes’. I also decided to dress awesome throughout the process because I love dressing up.

When staying the same way is hurting you so much more than making a change, when it is killing you inside day by day…Make That Change.

Yes it’s going to be a bitch and you are going to have a hard time following through with it. But remind yourself of how painful it was to just stay in that place where you hated your life.

But remember, that change has to be an internal one before you see external changes taking place. You have to appreciate who you are every step of the way. You need to shrug off detractors. You need to shrug off people who will dislike your changes, because there will be people who do that.

But are my values any different from before I began making these changes? No. I am still the same geeky goofy witty funny girl. My priorities have been rearranged but that hasn’t turned me into an airhead. I will always stay grounded and passionate to the things that I fight for or believe in.

Drop the Hate towards yourself and the people who hurt you intentionally or otherwise. Quieten that noisy critic in your mind.
That’s what I tell myself everyday.

Here’s to a good week ahead.
Sending love to my soul sisters πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “not just a polka dotty peplum post

      1. You are so sweet, you brighten my mood every time, I like it, there are not many sunny, smiley people left. Kisses XXX Iva

  1. Well said my Dear! You must LOVE You NOW! And dress in the ‘pretty’ wonderful things now. I used to hate it when people would tell me, “I’m going to wait on getting XYZ style clothing when I lose ??? lbs.” Do it now! When you feel and look fabulous, it won’t matter. That was my motto… I was determined to look and feel great no matter my size. And, you look fabulous my Dear… simply Marvelous. Brava!

    1. ooh I was beaming when I read this!
      thank you sooo much, it means a lot knowing that my message comes across clearly to my readers and that I can reach out to like-minded chicks such as yourself πŸ™‚ Much love!

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