Hi guys!
How was your week?

First off, It was devastating to watch the news regarding the bombings at the Boston Marathon and if you knew someone who was affected by it, or if you were affected by it here’s me sending you tonnes of love and tight hugs. Like all acts of violence, it was heartless and senseless. But the human spirit is an immensely resilient one, and I have read of the heartening stories of support as well. Stay strong.

Moving along, to the lighter things..
I managed to get my hands on some spanxx hosiery and inner wear during my trip to Melbourne so I decided to put one to the test tonight when I headed out to having dinner in Little India with a few close friends who have flown in from abroad.


My right heel is still pretty raw from the previous pair of ballet flats so I wore a waaay comfier pair. But, I did come back worse for wear so Im sticking to comfortable sandals aka yucky looking stuff for a few days. Health b4 Vanity!


That’s moi in a shorter than usual dress-top..I tend to shy away from dresses or outfits that are above the knee but I really liked the pattern of this top so I decided to pair it with pantyhose. Top is from Cotton On. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, this girl shops way too much at that store! Guilty as charged :p


Accessorised with a multi layered cloth necklace from Diva. I’d been waiting to pair it with something so I was super pleased when it fit this look.


As you can see, Im snapping pics at a whole lotta different spots instead of that plain white wall in my apartment you’ve seen me stand behind numerous times. Time for change, plus it makes me a little braver to stand and strike a pose in public. Time to thicken that self conscious skin!


Makeup consisted of light blue eyeliner drawn on both the upper and lower lash lines. Dabbed a teeny bit of highlighting cream on the cheeks and went rouge with my NARS lippie.

I would like to announce a new series of posts that will commence from this Saturday. I spent a fair bit of early 2013 recovering from Mono, after which I busied myself with travelling. Now that I am back, healthier than before and not going a trip for at least 6 months or so, I am starting where I left with off with my healthy lifestyle initiative. So I will be documenting my workouts regularly, my attempts at finding wiser choices for meals and snacks, trying new ways to burn calories and keeping myself motivated throughout this process of big change.

The reason I need to whip myself into a healthier state is due to my weak immune system and my injured feet. I am a chronic asthmatic and exercise works at expanding my lung capacity, so I will huff and puff less. Eating right will help with feeling less fatigued and having better digestion which will be great for my IBS. My feet require regular stretches and they really move better after workouts. Yes they get swollen and achy but after that recedes, it’s soooo much easier to stay on my feet without being in pain.

I will be taking pictures, updating the progress, and basically recording how it’s going. That way I am accountable for the regularity of workouts and hopefully as I share them with you, you might pick up an idea or two.

See the thing is, I have always enjoyed sports, dance and gym activities. I am no greenhorn in those areas. Naturally for those who hadn’t met me before I went AWOL on all physical activity 4 years ago would not know that. I was even considering getting a fitness instructor certification, something to do along with the day job.

But that’s okay, I am at a completely different juncture of my life now and it feels right.

I’ve learnt through life’s trials that we can’t hold on to our dreams of the past because the letting go of those hopes paves the way to the birth of new ones. Always makes me think of Dr Seuss’ ‘Oh the places you’ll go!’

That’s me for now,
have yourselves a splendid weekend.
Like Ellen loves to say : Be kind to one another.

Much Love



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