a twist of purple

Good midweek everyone!
Has it been a fulfilling week? Sure hope it has.

After work earlier tonight, I zipped down to a cafe near home with the hubster and decided to snap some shots. Nothing like some yummy hot chocolate to help get through the week! Plus, with the yappy dogs and mewing cats we try to make time for just us two..some peace and quiet 🙂

I have adored the colour purple for years and it was Love at First Sight when I saw the sleeveless graphic blouse that Im wearing for today’s look!


I paired it with my floral skinny jeans from ASOS and a cropped shrug (eBay Singapore), and my vibrant ballet flats by Marie Claire.


The humidity has made the mane all mangy so I was a bun head for the day and evening. Used my good old Chanel lippie for that gorgeous dark shade of purple.


My earrings are an Indian-styled pair from The Island Shop by Tangs (local chain for resort wear).

I must say that I was taken by surprise after going through the pictures because the graphic tee slims the silhouette. Im still pretty new to the world of prints so I learnt something new about them today!

Well this is me blissfully enjoying my hot Choco 😀


Chat soon, be kind to one another xx

P.S: I know I haven’t started on my new exercise thingo yet, but I wasn’t feeling well (honest!) and it’s my time of the month which makes me really weak. So I’ll wait this out and Jump (well perhaps a slight jump..) onto the treadmill soon enough!

Will check back in soon. Much Love!

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