all-white work wear

A quick post before heading to bed..

Met up with my usual mates tonight after work, freshened up with a shower before that and took a few snaps.




white top from a local store (brand unknown)

white linen pants, Marks & Spencer’s (one of the staples in my wardrobe)

leopard printed ballet flats, Rubi

Geo colour-blocked clutch, Charles & Keith


Necklace is from a local store, brand unknown. I enjoy finding ‘gems’ in the unlikeliest of stores, I kinda have a knack for it.


Opted for a shade of coral on the lips and a slight shade of coral on the cheeks (I don’t usually apply blush, thought I would this time for a change).

Used my teal eyeliner to line both the upper and lower lash lines, instead of my standard black kohl. Added a swipe of Rimmel black mascara.

Schatzi the Jacqueline Russell (well since she’s female) was being nosy as usual so I included her in this shot 🙂


I seem to be having a severe allergic reaction to a certain food or dust/ my face feels prickly and itches. Trying hard not to scratch so Ive taken some meds and applied good old aloe Vera to soothe the skin.

Your blogger aka Bubble Girl now signs off. Happy Labour Day to fellow Singaporeans, have a relaxing midweek hol. Happy midweek’ing to the rest of you, just a few days away to the weekend again 😉

Be kind to one another xx



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