Nautical peplum

Hello Hello!

This was Friday nite’s look :


navy blue striped white peplum top – Cotton On, from one of their outlets in Melbourne. Not seen this on the racks in the Singapore outlets

white lace skirt – ASOS. Last wore it over the birthday weekend in Dec ’12. Fits quite loose at the waist but my hips that don’t lie held it up hahah!


It was rather crowded at the mall and Im new with blog pics out of the comfort of my home so the picture quality isn’t as good, was taken in a rush.


Had my vintage brown envelope clutch, blue felt ballet shoes and wore a cuff chain that I bought eons ago in a thrift shop during my years in Melbourne. Only cost me 3 Aussie bucks! You know me, I don’t go for the big brands. I find joy in these sort of finds 🙂

Speaking of which, I really ought to do a post on the places that I enjoy window shopping here in Sg. So watch this space!

Happy Weekend’ing to all ❤



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