mini-post : latest beauty products haul

So I’ve given my facial wash an upgrade and bought one from the L’Occitane line. It’s quite a mouthful :
A L’Huille Essentielle Et Eau D’Angelique bio, Nettoyant Radeux.
Which basically means facial wash with organic Angelica water and essential oil. The Angelica plant is known for healing purposes and in a facial wash, it provides the skin with elasticity and vitality.

So They Say.
I’ll get back to you on how well it serves me in a month’s time 😉

Next product is a lash thickening mascara by Ultraflesh. The brand’s products are available at Sephora and I’ve read some good reviews so I shall give it a try for a blog post soon. How cool is that cover with the panther head? Oh us girls and pretty packaging!

Lastly, I got a CK baby blue sheer creme eyeshadow. I have had eyeshadows from other brands in this shade and it complements my skin well, so I’ve decided to give a cream based eyeshadow in this colour a try.


Ciao Ciao x


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