dressed for a night out

Hello peeps how’s it going?
Having a good weekend I hope 🙂

It was an evening out with friends at one of our favourite parts of the island, Arab Street. It’s our bohemian district filled with quaint local retail stores, middle eastern cuisine, cafes and it’s got a really chilled out vibe so we decided to indulge in some shisha to relax after a long week.

I felt like getting a little dressy, so this is what I wore :


Colourblocked tan and black bodycon dress with a zip embellishment from Forever 21


paired the dress with printed flats from Rubi.

I changed my jewellery from the necklace in this picture to a pair of crystal earrings later on, felt like it was a better mix.


Was having an icky hair day so the mane was bunned up and cinched with an elastic wrist cuff. Thought the cuff would add a nice touch to the simple updo.

Makeup consisted of glittery teal eyeliner drawn over the upper & lower lashes, nude lipstick



I’d worn this dress on a night out in Melbourne and loved how comfortable it was, but I had forgotten to snap shots that night so I attempted reprising the look tonight. The sweltering humid weather was a Huge pain while I was out tonight, and the long sleeves on the dress didn’t help matters but a good time was still had!

Here are a few shots with my closest girl friends and other buddies tonight :




well this is sleepy me signing off,
wishing the moms in my midst a very Happy Mother’s Day! Have a beautiful day ahead. Be kind to one another 🙂



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