casual Sunday: indigo skinny jeans

Hello Hello,
what were you upto for this year’s Mother’s Day weekend? Sending my love to the moms and maternal figures out there who enrich our lives simply by loving us as we are.

And if they don’t… Tough. Then be your own maternal figure. Not all of us have the luck of the draw.

Mine was spent having a siesta most of the day, until dinner at the folks’ place. I contemplated bringing my momma out but my goodness it’s as crazy as Valentines Day – flowers are suddenly ludicrously expensive, and people make reservations at restaurants way in advance! I prefer keeping things simple. Our Moms ought to be loved everyday and in your own special way. That goes for all of our loved ones.

Mom has a domestic helper who whipped up a delicious chicken and mutton curry, mattar paneer (cottage cheese with green peas in gravy) eaten with white rice. Oh how I love good old Indian home cooked meals!

my outfit for the evening at the folks’ place:


Basic tee – Dorothy Perkins,

Indigo skinny jeans – ASOS,

Necklace – Lovisa, offshoot of the Australian brand Diva,

Flats – Rubi (wore them the previous night too, they’re comfy yet chic)

Blue handbag from a local store


It was love at first sight when I laid my eyes on that necklace. I instantly came up with the idea of using it to embellish a basic tee; Like a peterpan collar or scarf. A neat variation on that sort of accessorising.

Emerald is a popular colour this year of course but I’ve always loved wearing shades of green. I decided to venture beyond my usual shopping haunt/s (ebay, Cotton On) to see what was available out there for a UK size 16-18 (yup im in between sizes at the moment) silhouette. Dorothy Perkins definitely shows love to fuller figured forms. I hope to find more places that do the same, the more the merrier 🙂

My makeup palette was pretty simple today, I stuck to hues that were close to my skin tone and dabbed some coral-ish lip gloss. Discovering the best natural makeup look for your face is quite fun and in my case it’s still a work in progress.


I’ve debunked the rules of what ‘Should’ be worn according to my size – in terms of colours, cut, material. For example; I do love how flattering a pair of darker denim jeans are on my silhouette, but I also own a pair of white linen pants (which most fashion magazines would shake their heads at, since plus sized bodies should not wear light coloured bottoms), printed leggings (they apparently make thighs look chunky, which is untrue). I intend on getting a whole lot more lighter coloured & printed jeans/pants in the months to come and continue debunking these dumb rules. Expand my horizons so to speak 🙂


I used to love window shopping and shopping itself but after piling the pounds, it’s something I dreaded and feared. It did lead me to online shopping, which is extremely convenient as long as you ensure that you have your exact body measurements and that the online store provides a size guide for reference.

I definitely see myself getting reacquainted with the joys of shopping in an actual mall. No more hiding!

It’s been ages since I have put on a pair of jeans. For the past 4 years, I avoided wearing them. I was under the impression that people of my size should Not wear them. That was the same period I hid in baggy clothing and clothing my grandmother would wear :/ The day that the postman arrived with this package from ASOS, I ran into the room to try them on immediately.

Simply put, I love denim outfits – skirts, jeans, jackets, tops. They’re so comfortable and flatter any figure if you get the right cut for your shape. I won’t be wearing them All The Time but it’s really good to know that I have that option in the wardrobe.

It’s been incredibly hot and humid over the weekend and this is one of those looks that won’t get you feeling stifled. That’s another thing on my personal style agenda: finding a sizeable variety of tasteful looks for the crazy hot climate that I reside in.

It is not possible to pin my dress sense down to a particular kind of style and I like it that way. Same goes for Most other things that I indulge in, Im adventurous and eclectic.
Most, not All 😉

That’s it for today’s post,
take care and be kind to one another

Love, Olivia


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