Hairdresser-phobic blogger goes to the salon

Some of us are terrified of visits to the dentist, Some of us loathe visits to the doctor, Some of us cannot stand meeting their parents..

I dread hairdressers the most -.-
It all started when I was 16. I wanted a cropped hair cut, something reminiscent of Dolores O’Riordan who was The coolest person to me at that time with that offbeat voice and punk-ish devil may care attitude.

So I decided to have a haircut before my 16th birthday. Plus I was hosting my secondary school’s annual concert, these were exciting times. I told the hairstylist to go short, but not crazy-short. I knew I couldn’t carry off Dolores’ do, I decided to go the Toni Braxton way (remember her?).

Until that experience, I had faith in my hairstylist and thus closed my eyes for a short nap..until I heard the hair shaver cutting close to my ears. I stared in silence at my brand new hairdo – a crewcut. Let me give you a glimpse of what the style looked like (not a pic of me, that’s NEVER happening) :


So after that trip to the salon, I regarded hair stylists with dread and mistrust. My hands would grip the handles of the salon chair tightly the whole time and I would keep my eyes wide open for any sign of trouble.

So I am not as adventurous as Id like to be with regards to hair :p


Its time to make big changes.
Time to find a really good hairstylist, hair colourist to stick with. 2 types of professionals I do not like to change – my doctor, my hairstylist.

My pal Yunis recommended me her own hair expert Niki, who was in need of hair models as she is looking to get a senior position at Toni & Guy. I deliberated on it for a week, made the appointment, sought counsel from my friends and social media followers. Finally, the deed was done yesterday.

This is the Before piccie (oh my longer hair *sniff sniff*)


Oh yes, that was a forced smile :/
Nikki and I discussed the style that would suit my face shape best; I didn’t want something drastic but I did want to give my uniform length hairstyle some texture and bounce. My naturally wavy hair plays up with the right kind of layering very well, but I needed to snip the mane a little shorter than I initially wanted. But it is a necessary evil. When the hair grows out, this haircut will really shine.

the haircut in mid-session:


Oooh I was sooo sad to see my tresses fall to the floor..because I really tried to grow it out as patiently as possible, and Im not usually patient with hair beyond shoulder length. But at the same time I was amazed at the transformation taking place! What a difference a good hairstyle makes.

This was right after she completed the final trimming :


I was still tentative about the style,
but it began to grow on me as the evening progressed 🙂

the before & after shots :


And this is how it looked this morning (the ultimate test: upon waking up and after ur next hair wash)


Woosah. It’s all good!! Im a very happy customer!! Next month will be the hair colouring and buying a fresh pair of contact lenses for the days that I would prefer to do without my glasses (psst Im always gonna be a glasses girl though, I love em).

Til my next post, love kiss hugs


6 thoughts on “Hairdresser-phobic blogger goes to the salon

  1. Well done it does take a lot to go back to a salon after such a rubbish experience your do looks good
    If you need any aftercare advice do not hesitate to look me up

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