brown and blue

Sunday evening was scrumptious. Why? Well if there is a party at my friend Esther’s place, her mom cooks the most delicious curries and rice dishes from the part of India they hail from, Hyderabad. Plus, a get together is always a welcome event..keeps us connected.

The look for the evening is a personal favorite, it’s very Me



dress: Forever 21 +
medium size belt: local store
printed flats : Rubi

Wore the dress with my sleeveless denim top just to show an alternative way of adding a layer to the top. I could totally see myself in cowboy boots and a hat in this one!

This is how it looked sans vest or cardi


The necklace was purchased years ago during my wedding, to complement a black flapper dress I wore for the reception. Purchased it from Robinsons, a department store.


Since Im usually self conscious of my arms, I went with a tan shrug (Cotton On) for the evening. Will try to be more daring about the arms in time πŸ˜‰


Went for the natural look with makeup


I have always loved the mix of light brown with deep blue, it’s a pretty combination of colours that suits most skin tones.

I don’t do posts of high fashion wear because frankly it isn’t easy to obtain tasteful plus size outfits within my region in the first place. Most of my outfit purchases are shipped from abroad (which isn’t all that cheap).
I try to be frugal and showcase everyday wear. So you will not see haute couture or hot-off-the-runway looks on me. Affordable versions of them, yes definitely but as for the real stuff I simply admire them from afar, take inspiration ..that’s about it πŸ˜‰

Here’s to a good week ahead, be good to yourself and to others. Love your curves for they become you xx


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