Saturday night out

Another birthday of a bestie came up this week so we celebrated it over dinner and drinks yesterday night. Had some nosh at an Italian joint in Club St, located in Chinatown followed by drinks and listening to a live band at Clarke Quay (one of our clubbing districts).

If there is one thing I really appreciate about living in Singapore, it’d have to be the nightlife. There are 24r food and coffee joints everywhere, and since it is a pretty safe country you don’t feel nervous about being out till the sun rises.

I decided to dress up a little snazzier last night, here’s the look :


A party dress from Forever 21+
It has a velvet animal printed toga top and streamlined stretchy skirt


To accentuate my waist, I cinched it with a leather belt. The dress is a tad shorter than the length I am comfortable with so I wore stockings. Most of my readers know I don’t like showing my arms off and more so in a
Toga styled dress, so I draped the arms & shoulders with a black shrug.


Accessorised with oversized vintage earrings, I call them my ‘snowflake’ earrings haha!


Makeup consisted of bronze eyeshadow contoured with brown eyeshadow, dark pink lippie and a coat of mascara. I decided to ditch my signature black kohl on the lower lash line and used my new NARS white eyeliner. I have dark eye circles (it’s hereditary, sigh) which I am conscious about and I read in a beauty article that white eyeliner on the lower lash line brightens the under eye area.

I do use an apricot coloured NARS concealer as well for extra coverage but I use it sparingly and dab it into the region with a blending sponge. I chose an apricot shade over beige as the latter tends to look grey on darker portions of the face. It’s very helpful to know what works with your skin tone and complexion-type.


Putting this outfit together was a delight and I thank my Instagram followers for the vote of confidence when I posted a few snaps of the dress. I’d actually purchased this dress 6 months ago, admittedly it was an impulse buy since it was on sale at that time! It’s not quite my style with dresses but I am always happy to discover more styles that work on my shape. I quite love this dress and it’s extremely flattering on my hour glass silhouette.

This is one of those rare times where I revisit the past with a smile and thank myself for having challenged my fashion taste buds.

Even if it was a faux pas, it would have been a useful way to determine what I shouldn’t wear.

Always find a silver lining 😉
Til my next post,
Be kind to one another and love those curves xxx

One thought on “Saturday night out

  1. Adorable! Actually – Glamorous is more the word… I love the shrug and the way it makes for more of an A-symmetrical neckline. Simply beautiful. Just lovely and definitely a keeper! I know that you are uncomfortable with the length and is the reason why you went with the ‘mono-toned’ stockings; however, try a natural stocking or leg… with shoe… you might surprise yourself :)

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