studs and plaid

Hi all,

A few of my eBay purchases for the month arrived so I decided to mix and match for an evening with friends to watch Hangover 3.

Look for the evening:


black studded dress shirt (eBay Sg)
black & green plaid trousers (eBay UK)

The dress shirt could have been paired with leggings but I decided to tuck it in and wear the plaid trousers. I quite like gingham and plaid prints, so I decided to invest in these pants. It has a garter at the waist which reduces the chances of a muffin top and is extremely comfortable.

I know that some plus size ladies (like me) would not consider tucking their tops in, but I have learnt that it largely depends on the textures and patterns. If both top and bottom have rougher textures, there is little leeway in smoothening out little bulges. A top that is tight fitting might not be the best idea when tucking in if you are conscious of your lower belly and top of the hips. Tucking a shirt out is really no
big deal, its just that some outfits are carried off nicer when it isn’t tucked out. However it does boil down to personal preference, so go with what you’re comfortable with if you don’t feel ‘adventurous’ enough 🙂



My sole accessory for this outfit was a pair of long dangling earrings from Diva. I thought it suited the hair up-do and studded shirt nicely.



It’s the dreaded ‘time of the month’ and I look rather pale so I brightened the face up with bronze eyeliner and red lippie



I will update the blog with more posts when I am feeling less under the weather, so bear with me.

Have a great weekend my loves,
Please remember to be kind to one another and to yourself

Love, Aarti Olivia xx


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