plaid (remix)

A casual look for dinner with the hubster.


Paired the plaid pants from the night before, with a white tee (Dorothy Perkins)


Accessorised with a khaki layered cloth necklace (Diva)


Still working on the cat eye look with my new NARS liquid eyeliner, will keep at it lol..

It’s been a personally challenging week.
Had a few unkind comments said to me by strangers when I was walking about in town pertaining to my size. Also, I don’t seem to be getting support from other local plus sized bloggers. Plus, Im frustrated with my health..finding out which outfits and looks work on the plus sized silhouette is fun, but the logistics can be a little difficult. I need a good photog and I definitely want to get started on picking up with my fitness. You know the alarm signs, when you feel sluggish all the time and lousy. When you don’t feel as comfortable in your skin and clothing.

Sorry this isn’t like me to complain.
Just finding it a little hard to keep myself motivated at the moment. Im sure it’s just a rough patch, we experience these times when changes are tells us that there is much to be done.

I shall attempt to stay hopeful, work harder when tomorrow comes. I have done my small bit for today, might do some brainstorming and be done with the day.

Today I will repeat to myself what I usually tell you, my readers :

I honor my curves
My curves become Me
I will be kind to myself and the others
Eff society’s beauty standards.

Onwards ..



2 thoughts on “plaid (remix)

  1. Hey Babe, You are a Beautiful blogger and you do carry yourselves well. Passersby can go about stating comments you just need not be bothered by that. Continue to walk the ramp and stay Beautiful as you always do.

  2. Continue the belief in yourself and what it is that you are doing here. Don’t try to make sense out of the senseless (i.e. those senseless people making comments and why they would do such a thing… only brings on more… ) stay focused on the positive aspects of You; Your BEAUTY. As for finding your style, that will come in time. I found mine but it took me some time of understanding what looked good on me. Not what looked good on the model; but me…

    Be kind to yourself and focus on your assets (inside and out)…

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