vanity, baby : night beauty regime

Hello Hello 🙂

There is something personally therapeutic about the nightly beauty regime, when I am not rushed for time.

I must admit, there are some nights when I am just so darn tired after a long day that I don’t apply anything and nod off. Then there are some nights when I decide to pamper myself with a foot soak and face mask, usually followed by a soak in the tub.

But on my regular days after my nightly shower, my typical routine goes something like this :


I start with applying a few drops of Bio-Oil on my stubborn acne & chickenpox scars. I purchased it in April and do already see some old scars fading. Sigh I had pretty nice skin until I contracted chickenpox at 28 – yes you read that right. Added to the 2 years of letting myself go until turning 30, there has been some damage that I hope to reverse.

If the skin sensitivity doesn’t stop acting up, I’ll probably see a dermatologist. In the meantime, fingers crossed this works it’s magic!

Next, I wait for a while after the oil absorbs into the pores and then apply my L’oreal Revitalift night cream. It doesn’t have a sticky feel when I’m up in the morning and has worked well with keeping my skin soft.

I avoid applying the night moisturiser under my eyes, I save that for my Himalaya Herbals Under Eye Cream. A quick trick I picked up : keep the cream in the fridge for a while and it will be a quick perk-up to the eyes in the morning.

Next up is the Ted Baker body lotion that I apply on my hands and back of th neck. It smells really good! It’s a small bottle but that’s because I have so many other brands of body lotions :p
Very particular about smelling nice.


The part of my body that get super sore after a long day are my poor injured feet. So I give them extra TLC with first a cooling foot lotion that I bought in Melbourne’s Victoria Market (it’s quite strong so I use it sparingly), and after the lotion has absorbed I moisturise with Vaseline feet & leg cream. It contains menthol & eucalyptus which is really soothing.


I then apply a thin layer of bedtime baby powder over my moisturised hands, feet so it takes away the stickiness and apply Vaseline petroleum jelly for the lips.


Final touch comes with Victoria’s Secret Midnight Mimosa body mist.

I know it seems like a whole lot just to go to sleep, but I really enjoy these self-pampering sessions. We get so caught up all day with work and what not, get so stressed. Sometimes I have to remind myself to take a breath! So I really appreciate these moments of relaxation 🙂

Plus, there is a certain personal pride in taking care of yourself delicately at times. We get much too hard on ourselves (well I know Im guilty of it!).

What’s your nightly regime? Feel free to share! Any good products to recommend? Feel free to comment!

Happy Midweek my loves,
Be Kind to one another,
Be Kind to yourself xxx


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