ootds : weekend edition

Hi guys!
How was the Father’s Day weekend?
Did you do anything special for your dad or in honor of the father figures in your life? I wish I could have but my busy bee father is out of town at the moment, he has been travelling for work since I was 12 so we’re used to it.

My dad and I have had a strained relationship over the years but as age catches up on both generations, the gap lessens and I have come to love, honour and value the life lessons he has imparted. Yes, he was a tough disciplinarian and authoritarian but I owe a lot of how far I have come today due to his dogged determination to ensure his daughters could lead independent lives. So thank you Daddy!

Moving on to the regular post content πŸ™‚
I don’t know about where you are, but the heat is ON where I am in South East Asia! It has been extremely hot added to the crazy humidity levels here, it really makes me want to walk around in a camisole and yoga pants all day if I could. But, a fashionista doesn’t forget to look good in all climates!

Here is the Saturday evening look, for date night with the Hubster and then a late night out friends. I only got home on Sunday noon :p And guess what? I napped and met some friends in the evening on Sunday evening..my hyper energy reserves are pretty neat. I am Exhausted now though! Wish Monday would get delayed by another day..



red summer dress : Cotton On
necklace : Lovisa
stockings : Spanxx (THE best)
animal printed flats : Rubi



With the heat, it is so much more important for good coverage and staying power on the face when it comes to makeup. So I used The Body Shop CC cream, which blends in nicely with your skin tone and you don’t need a concealer or foundation after applying this product.


The eyes were given some drama with a thicker than usual layer of kohl (Yves St Laurent) and an E.L.F eye highlighter to brighten up the puffy areas.


For the lips, I applied a natural toned brown from Revlon.

My scruffy whiny pooch Dash, a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a poodle, was clamouring for my attention while I posed for the photos so I decided to take a pic with the cute little bugger πŸ™‚


Date night was fun, the hubster and I had middle eastern cuisine at Arab Street..our next fav area aside from Little India. This was the delicious Beyti Kebab I ordered


Here’s a rare pic of the hubster, who is rather camera shy. Naturally, this was taken when he wasn’t looking πŸ˜‰


After the meal, I washed it down with a potent cup of Turkish coffee.


Middle eastern artwork is so pretty isn’t it? Must get a nice coffee & tea set when I venture into the Middle East!

After coffee, we met up with my home girl Chita..one of my besties πŸ™‚ Like Mindy Kaling said on The Mindy Project “It isn’t just one person, Besties are a tier of people”. I couldn’t have summed it up better myself Mindy!

So this was me getting jiggy with it when a Bellydancer decided to dance her way to our table at the establishment we had drinks



She was a skinny little thing but my goodness could she move! That’s me having fun whenever the opportunity arises.

fast forward to the next day, I was sleep deprived but eager to meet my mates for some downtime.



white round neck tee – Dorothy Perkins
black & green floral skinny jeans – ASOS
round silver earrings – flea market, Little India

I only like playing with dramatic makeup looks once or twice (max) per week, and I was really too tired to do much so I simply dabbed on my NARS apricot-coloured eye concealer. I like to allow my skin to breathe once in a while, devoid of chemicals and whatnot.


I added a light layer of pale bronze eyeliner at the lower lash line to downplay the dark circles. Lips were simply given a swipe of Vaseline to keep them supple.

My mates and I chowed down on some Indian Muslim cuisine (which is only found in Malaysia & Singapore), followed by a walk through the bohemian Haji Lane. It’s within the vicinity of Arab Street and there is a rise of neat cafes at the area. We were lucky enough to find ourselves at a new restaurant called Crostinni (I may have misspelt this) for dessert.

Behold the gastronomical delights!





In order of the pics displayed :

Lemon Tiramisu
Cacao cake
Mocha pudding

Im probably a pound larger after this weekend but, boy was this gastronomical weekend enjoyable!

Cheers to the new week,
Love your curves, Be kind to yourself
Be kind to one another

Love, Aarti Olivia xxx



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