So many hearts, So little love

There are times I stand in the hub of my busy city and simply watch people scurry and hurry by. I imagine what each person’s life is like to quench my curiosity.

There are times I sit on my bed and read blogs by women on different topics – feminism, personal accounts, beauty, fitness, mental health, fashion, size discrimination, funny anecdotes.

There are times I sit among people to simply observe and listen. Listen to what they are not saying underneath those smiles. Watch for a stare or eye roll at something when they don’t see me looking. Listen to the rumbles of their mental typewriters whirring over dinner…Calculating, Gesticulating, Pondering, Chuckling.

A common undercurrent of the words unsaid is a lack of love.

This is what I hear :

Why doesn’t anyone love me?
Why doesn’t he care as much as I ?
When will I get my recognition and be given accolades?
When will I feel whole ?
How do I stop hating myself?
What is so wrong with me that others judge so harshly?

Why can’t people be nicer?
Why can’t you and I just get along?
Does it have to be so complicated?

Won’t someone love me as I am?
Why don’t you love me?
What do I lack for you not to love me?
How can you be so unfeeling and not care?

So many beating hearts in this little nation. So many deep breaths and waking moments. So much work and play. So many activities. Scuttling, Scurrying away.

Yet we are incomplete. Because we
are moulded to find the flaws instead
of the good in who we are and as a result, regard others in the same light.
The world is your mirror.

If the world sucks, then it’s time to check on your own attitude.

We keep others at a distance when we are around people. Yet we bemoan our state of loveless ness when we are alone. We have so many mediums of communications now and yet, the warmth from making a connection evades us.

We wait for the right things to happen to us and the right people to walk into our lives. So that life will then be perfect. In the meantime we reject the things and people that exist.

We dislike being judged harshly and yet, we ourselves are guilty of that sort of judgment on another. We snap at our loved ones, push them away and make ridiculous assumptions. Without considering that we create vicious self fulfilling prophecies by doing so.

Please reconsider your reality.

Don’t wait for the perfect life to be happy about your state of being,
your body, your life.


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