staying chic on hazy days

Ola peeps,
hope you’re doing well wherever you are πŸ™‚ How is the climate where you’re at during this time of the year?

Here in Singapore we’re experiencing a bad bout of haze from forest fires happening in Indonesia. The air quality has gotten pretty awful and it looks like it’s all misty but it’s really smoke and smells of it too. So we await the abatement of the raging fires in our neighbouring country, and take precautions in the meantime with cutting down on outdoor activities and keeping cool indoors because it’s bloody warm :p

Moving Along!

Haze or no Haze, a fatshionista keeps on keeping on. It’s FFF week in the US and boy am I envious of you lucky bloggers in that region who can attend the events and connect! Maybe it was with that underlying excitement of looking at the pictures and reading posts, or Maybe it was the need to dispel the gloom of the haze; I decided to have some good old fun with my outfits this week! πŸ˜‰

Look 1 :



Sleeveless printed top – Cotton On
Salmon skinny jeans – eBay UK
intricately patterned hoops – Diva
straw ballet flats – Marie Claire



I opted for a more natural look with makeup, concentrating mostly on concealing dark spots and the under eye circles. Blended in the white NARS eyeliner at the lower lash line and glossed over the lips with a light pink Nivea balm. I applied a swipe of mascara to brighten the eyes.


Funny how a ‘natural makeup look’ isn’t really Au Naturel. Sigh, the chicken pox at age 28 ruined my once-soft and unblemished complexion. Ah well!

Ah yes by the way, the Bio Oil that I have been applying at least once daily on my stubborn pimple scars seems to be doing the trick! I had a really annoying dark spot on my forehead for ages and one day last week I realised that it was gone!


For the local readers, I was at The Coffee Daily along Serangoon Garden Way. It is extremely quaint, which is how I like it..they actually dish out those little biscuits with a teeny bit of meringue on top that was so popular during my childhood days. I ordered the cappuccino, and although it isn’t as thick as I usually like it to be, it was a decent cuppa in comparison to those franchise cafes (that shall remain unnamed), plus it’s value for money πŸ˜‰


Look 2 :




I attended a photography exhibition that featured my bestie Nurul’s work along with a few other shutterbugs. I decided to go for the classic V neck shirt and indigo jeans look – never gets old.

White V neck top – Cotton On
ASOS indigo skinny jeans (regular)
Statement necklace – Lovisa

With makeup, I added a cat-eye flair to the eyes, using my NARS black liquid liner marker. Dabbed on my Body Shop compact powder to un-dull my tired, sleep deprived face (don’t ask..) and dabbed on a nude lip gloss.



Nurul’s photographs in the exhibition discussed the concept of modesty through wearing the hijab, the traditional Muslim headwear for women. She wears the hijab as well and I believe the series of pictures are a personally intimate concept that have been captured beautifully.

Here’s a peek of the exhibition :







I know that my regular followers must be wondering about the sudden increase in length of my posts. Well I enjoy sharing snippets of my daily life along with the passions this blog revolves around, so I have decided to mix both worlds. I would much rather create a post with substance, personal meaning.

Have a good weekend !
Love those curves you were born with!
Sending you heaps of love from my hazy little red dot ;p

Ciao, Aarti Olivia xxxo


6 thoughts on “staying chic on hazy days

    1. thank you!! yes I really love those pink pants, they’re rather tight at the tummy so I wore a looser fitting top to avoid a hideous muffin top haha!

      by the way, I follow your posts regularly and I really relate to them. You have such a way with words xxx

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