movie nite Saturday look : 22/6/13

Had 2 of my besties over for an evening at my place. We dined at a food stall nearby, went back to my place to cool off from the heat and escape the haze (it’s better, but its not optimal breathing air as yet).

Watched Perks of a Wallflower, which I enjoyed immensely and reminded me why I don’t miss my high school days haha!

Look for the evening :


light yellow tee – Cotton On
printed blue & white pencil skirt – ASOS
nude ballet flats – Cotton On
metallic earrings – Lovisa

20130624-001422.jpg was a bad hair day :p

Makeup simply consisted of green eyeliner at the lower lash line and a maroon lippie from Maybelline.



I am all about funky geometric shaped jewellery & bags! Fell in love instantly when I saw this pair at Lovisa.


I like these pointed flats but I think I am seriously bored with ballet flats now! Sure it was a considerable step up from orthopaedic sandals (foot injuries..) but I do reckon that I need more variety in footwear..without hurting my feet of course.

The top with the Russian-styled bird print really appeals to me because one of the many nicknames the hubster has for me is Babushka. What can I say, I get sentimental on occasion!

It was a happy, laughter-filled evening. There is nothing in the world like the natural smile that lights up a face when surrounded by loved ones 🙂



6 thoughts on “movie nite Saturday look : 22/6/13

    1. hee thanks Nora!
      I just threw this together, spur of the moment thing and I’m glad it worked 🙂 Being spontaneous rocks at times !

    1. thanks Iva! yes I do love the skirt and I can’t believe it took me so long to finally wear was hanging in my wardrobe for months. have a great week ahead babe ❤

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