light footed big girl

First workout done, yippee !
I’d just run out of excuses and my body has been restless for ages Aching for a walk on the treadmill. I was up earlier than usual, so I put on the sports shoes and got stretching.

The hardest part for me is Always the push to get started. Most people don’t workout because they don’t like to. I actually enjoy the sweat, the huffing and the stretching. What I don’t enjoy is the compliments I get as I lose the weight. I know, sounds strange right? But I just get so Mad thinking of how these friends and onlookers treat me differently depending on my
size. I hate to say this, but my own parents do this and it just enrages me.

I am going to try to work past this odd mental hurdle this time. I have always fallen back on having a good workout to calm my hyper energy and anxious nerves. Plus it’s also the time I get a lot of my creative thinking done.

The goal for this first month is to build momentum, and strengthen the muscles before the Real work begins.
I kept a steady walking pace on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I do not care for calories or distance covered during this first month. It is maintaining a standard duration of time that matters. Weight Loss 101 !

Prior to working out, stretching is very necessary Especially if you have taken an extended break. Our muscles and joints need a good warming up and it doesn’t matter if the stretching exercises last longer than usual. We don’t need the risk of injuries! Make sure you take time to cover all the stretches from head to toe, and give extra time to the body parts that are weaker then the rest or susceptible to injury.

After turning on my workout playlist (I cannot do without good music!), the walking begins



This is my Holy Trinity when I work out : towel, compact speaker, water bottle.
I work up a sweat pretty easily so I need the towel by my side the whole time. My speaker is a handy tool to attach to my hand phone when my laptop is out of reach. I get dehydrated easily as it is, so I need my aqua. I try not to go crazy with how much I drink during a workout..the most important period to stay hydrated is before and after a workout. I have it handy when my throat gets a little too parched.


After the walk is done, it’s time for basic crunches. I use a chair to prop my calves up at a 90 degree angle. So it’s basic crunches with some extra crunch ! For this month, I will stick with 4 repetitions of 15. I go with how my body builds its strength up and this works for me.


After crunches, I move on to leg raises. Resting position for this is when I have my legs pointed toward the ceiling.


I then lower my legs as wide apart as possible and slowly bring them back to resting position. I don’t let the legs touch, just leave a small gap between them. 4 reps of 15 for this as well.

Before I start my cooling down stretches, I work on my arm muscles with a 3 lb dumbbell (always start with lighter weights first). Similar to the leg raise, I raise my hand towards the ceiling. Then I lower the arm down towards the middle of my back and bring it back up at resting position.


Cooling down stretches are as important as Warming up ones. They loosen the muscles that have been puffed up and tightened during the workout, and smooth over parts that need some tlc. I’ve been impatient and skipped over the before and after stretches Many times, to my detriment! So I’ve learnt my lesson.


Workout 1 logged in, here’s to the beginning of a less achy-sickly-fatigued existence!

Be kind to one another 🙂
Love, Aarti Olivia xxxo



5 thoughts on “light footed big girl

  1. Omgsh! I thought i was the only one that hates those compliments people do, instead of making me feel better it kind of makes me feel self conscious which makes no sense. I think it might be because they are talking about my appearance, something I don’t usually even think of.

    1. damn! it’s a relief to know Im not the only one with that train of thought. I know exactly what you mean, It’s not something I think of so when they do bring it up .. I’m all Grrrr
      Just because Im making an effort to shed the pounds doesn’t mean I dislike the way that I look now. And people find that fact so difficult to comprehend. I am not ashamed of how I look, I’m solely doing this for my health!

      Have an awesome weekend babe xx

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