an evening of snooker and bowling

Yeah I’ve got the flu and the tissue box is my best friend But, it was a splendid weekend despite the onset of this annoying cold earlier today.

Met up with my mates for dinner at a Vietnamese joint in Raffles City, called Nam Nam. Cute name πŸ˜‰ I would definitely recommend the lemongrass pork noodles, super yum.

But before I delve into the evening, here is the look from last night :



white peplum top with navy stripes – Cotton On
black corduroy pants – ASOS
leopard printed ballet flats – Rubi
animal printed earrings – Diva

Since we were going to bowl that evening, I decided to wear something easy to move around in. The corduroy pants fit like a glove and Im all about nautical stripes so this top is quite popular in my outings :p

I didn’t want the jingle jangle of a necklace while bowling so I wore earrings instead. Naturally, I removed them when we reached the bowling alley. Oh but none of that mattered, I am a total dud at the game!! As I am at all competitive sports and ‘ball’ games. Ah so what, it was hilarious and I loved every minute of it!



I purchased a gorgeous purple lippie earlier this week so I just Had to use it. I’ve been wearing a similar shade since my teen goth days. I applied my new Revlon black eyeliner over the upper and lower lashes, added some colour to the eyelids with a shade of peach-pink. I attempted a gradient eyeshadow look and I was happy with the result.

The earrings were a purchase from many moons ago, animal prints are so my thing and I love that it’s velvet textured, gives its a 3D effect.





the bowling alley was full when we got there so we played snooker for an hour. Which again was hilarious because I don’t even know how to hold the stick or pole or whatever it’s called :p


All very pro sports looking pics haha


here are some pics from the evening with my mates. I hope you had a good weekend, wherever you are πŸ™‚ Cheers to the new week ahead, Carpe Diem!




Be Kind to One Another folks,
Sending lots of love xxxo


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