dog day Sunday

Hello my loves,
it is 3 30 in the morning and I am awake because of the flu meds that made me nod off at 9pm so I am up hooting like the rest of them owls!

After a fun Saturday evening, we relaxed over brunch at Bishan Park’s Cornerstone Cafe on Sunday. It’s a dog friendly area (not that many here sadly), so the hubster and I brought Hershey our 10 year young Shih Tzu while my bestie Rachel and hubby Sean brought their cute pug Sir Preston (yup, the dog has a title). My pals brought Preston into their lives 2 years ago and we were there from the very beginning – when they decided on the tiny month old pup, when they brought him back home a month later. So I have quite an attachment to the little one, having been there from the start.

This was Preston’s 2nd year bday brunch so as much as I wanted to just sleep in, I knew I couldn’t miss out.

Here was my look for that sweltering Sunday afternoon :



I decided to wear my recently purchased tee so that I could accessorise it with a ring I bought from Etsy ages ago 🙂


Female superhero mania FTW!
It was just too good to pass up on pairing both Wonder Woman apparel 😉

I paired the top with my white linen pants. Although with that heat I wish I was wearing shorts! But oh no no no, that’s one thing that you will Not see me wearing. The grey shoes I wore are from Rubi (I know I know, I need to think past my usual shopping haunts :p)


Given that Wonder Woman’s costume is red, I accessorised with bangles in that colour. Both bangles and shades were acquired from a thrift store.



I was really sleep deprived that morning, but I didn’t feel like too much makeup so I kept it very simple. No eyeliner, No mascara, just a slight amount of compact powder and pink lipstick.


The coffee at Cornerstone is delicious,
me being the fussy coffee drinker and all should know. Brunch wasn’t fab but the ambience I must say was really lush and nice. Its good to have such spots where pets are allowed to accompany their owners. There were so many adorable pooches, big and small. The park is pretty big and they have designated areas for dog owners to let their pets play freely. Preston was in his element, running around and fussing with grass. Hershey was pretty spent after a walk but he enjoyed mingling with dogs at the cafe and had a really good outing. The humans were pleased with the outing as well haha!

Some pics from that day :









Til my next post,
own those curves them for all that they are, perfection is boring and contrived. Love these parts of you and do not apologise for them!

All my love, Aarti Olivia xxxo

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