mini post : workout 2

Wasn’t able to do more than 1 workout last week because my allergies decided to act up and I developed a fierce cold & fever.

I really like having my workout first thing in the morning. So I woke up at 6 am, got stretching, put my running shoes on and hit the treadmill for 20 mins.

My routine was identical to my first workout since its the momentum that’s the focus of my fitness goal at the moment. I will vary it up after a month of this.

The only difference was that I gave my rower a test run for 5 minutes. I’d purchased it quite a few months ago and it was just gathering dust so I finally made a start! Very very modest, I know..but a start nevertheless 🙂




The logistics of having a workout at home can be amusing : I have my pesky dogs trying to disturb me, they get restless while Im on the exercise machines and they demand my attention to pet them while Im concentrating on my stretches or weights..both funny yet annoying!

I try my best not to let it get to me though, this first world problem is small potatoes in comparison to the bigger picture. I am very grateful for being able to workout within the comforts of my own home. I will start using the neighbourhood gym after a month or two for a weekly session of weight lifting, but the focus is on cardio so Im not in a big hurry.

When it comes to weight lifting, abs exercises or lunges (the sort of exercises that require your own strength versus the machine’s), I work on being in control of the movement. It’s easy to just let a leg dangle awkwardly during a move or move through reps haphazardly since my muscles are still gaining strength so I really watch my range of movement as well as my proper handling of the weights. It reduces the risk of injury significantly and you will be working the right muscles. There is no point in just ‘getting it over with’, that just does defeats the purpose of building a stronger body.

When I have incorporated gym sessions and increases my cardio level, I usually include a regular session of yoga and a interval training & circuit training. Yoga keeps the body supple, I swear by it and Pilates! Just like cardio and weights help lose the flab and burn the muscles, yoga helps on defining those areas and you will find yourself getting toned up in places you might normally overlook in a regular gym session.

Other things that I enjoy including are swimming and dancing. Swimming is my favorite kind of sport – I mean, you don’t work up a sweat but it works the whole body as you glide through the pool. It’s also really relaxing at the end of it, and for people with asthma take note that swimming really helps in expanding your lung capacity. Dancing is a no-brainer for me – its an activity that I feel passionate about and gives me such joy, so to be able to lose the pounds while having fun is perfect!

There are plenty of other things to incorporate in building a healthier, fitter body and lifestyle so I will add tidbits of that as I go along.

My main goal this week is to have at least 2 workout sessions. One down, One more to go! I will update you guys per workout session, so consider these posts as part of an online fitness diary 🙂

I still have a headache and cold and a slight fever so it’s off to bed after some meds for me 🙂

Take care of yourselves my loves,
Be kind to yourselves and one another.
Don’t let what people say get you down. I get my fair share of unpleasant comments about my weight or appearance and of course it does piss me off at first but then I simply shake it off. These people don’t know any better and frankly my dears, I cannot give a damn. So neither should You!

xxxo Aarti Olivia


5 thoughts on “mini post : workout 2

      1. heehee. Well, I take inspiration from Ellen actually. She always signs off by saying Be Kind to One Another. It’s a simple sentence but very meaningful to me. I see people in my fast paced nation get so wrapped up in their lives, keep so busy and rush through everything so much so that they forget how to be nice to others. A little kindness wouldn’t hurt!

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