basic black dress

G’day folks,
before I start the post proper I need to address the elephant in the room. The verdict on Zimmerman’s trial was truly disappointing. I am very saddened. Even though I live all the way over the other side of the globe, a tragedy in any part of the world is as devastating as it is when something hits close to home.
I hope there will be a retrial and justice will be awarded. I really hope so.

The sudden demise of Cory Monteith has left me dumbfounded. Such a bright spark, just like Trayvon. Both gone too soon. If there is anything that I have learnt over the weekend, it’s the reinforcement of the fact that life is much too short. And I am focused on making the best of what I have in my lot in life. To be a compassionate citizen of the world and do away with aggression, resentment. Just do away with the latent hate that people carry around like an armour. I will always carry my heart on my sleeve and will always be forthcoming and Nothing is going to change that. I will honour the life that I have and not let bad moments ruin a day. I will honour the legacy of loved ones who have left my world too soon, keep their essence close to my heart and be a good person. Because at the end of it all, no amount of my material possessions or retorts to haters will give me the fulfilment that I wish for.

Phew. Alright. Moving on.
Onwards, Upwards, Woosh!

I wasn’t feeling too well so it wasn’t an active Saturday evening. Time of the month…lol. But, I had a really good time having dinner with my mates at a Thai joint followed by tea.

look for the evening :



basic black dress – Cotton On
I got it at a steal for $10, lucky that it was the last on the rack in the sale section!

statement necklace – Lovisa

boho bag – The Island Shop, Tangs

zebra printed tan ballet flats – Rubi



I had a good laugh when my bestie Esther described the necklace as something akin to baskets she had seen in Africa! lol! I’m always drawn to accessories with a quirky or ethnic touch, and chunky ones of course ๐Ÿ™‚

Makeup for the evening was simply kohl over the lower lashes, a swipe of mascara, and my Benefit lippie.




We had dinner at Bangkok Jam located in Wheelock Place. I’m fond of Phad Thai but there wasn’t a vegetarian option (I’m not vegan but I do prefer my veg meals), so I had the green chicken curry with rice. It’s not as nicely portioned, but it was not shabby. My favourite part was having the banana fritters drizzled in caramel.

We then headed to a little stall that served delicious teh and kopi O (tea and black coffee). I absolutely love our local teh and kopis!

So here I end my post with a few pics of the evening. I hope that all of us have a good, positive week ahead. No matter what happens, we must never lose hope. I wish us strength, courage and wisdom.





love, Aarti Olivia xxxo


5 thoughts on “basic black dress

  1. How wonderful! And you are correct – here in the States, we are devastated by the verdict. We hope beyond hope that our differences will somehow diminish… [sigh] Only to find that we have only made two steps forward and five back… very sorrowful. I’ve not been able to find my words.

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