August’s retail therapy list (and some unrelated jibber jabber)

Heya !
How’s it going where you are?
Summer is coming to an end for some of you, while others are still in the midst of winter and Yours truly resides on an island that celebrates summer all year round. I am so glad for the recent showers of rain that has been going on for almost 2 weeks now! The humidity and heat can get So unbearable! Oh look at me complaining about my first world problem :p

So, I like to plan beforehand for the purchases for the upcoming month. It reduces the hassle of sifting through clothes racks when Everyone else is shopping since they’ve gotten their pay. Trust me, it can get pretty mad on this little island .. we have So Many malls but Even More people! O.O

It isn’t always fruitful to have a jaunt down the retail stores since a select few sell plus size clothing. So, I take to the online shopping route when I know that I am better off getting what I want online.

Here is my list of possible purchases for the upcoming month of August :

1) Little White Dress

Here are some styles that I will consider while looking for the LWD






2) Jumpsuit







3) Striped Maxi dress






4) White skinny jeans



5) Coloured skinny jeans


6) Palazzo pants (an old fav!)




7) Midi denim skirt (a staple in my wardrobe)



8) Espadrilles



I’ll be making the rounds on the online stores from this weekend : Ebay, Asos, ModCloth, Romwe, Dorothy Perkins, Forever 21 +

Will keep you guys updated on my finds and add the links so that you can check it out if interested. Knowing me, I’ll probably change my mind on an item or two haha! Depends mostly on affordability and availability.

I will Finally be checking out that plus size store Flow that has opened at Isetan Scott’s. Will be headed there tomorrow and promise to keep you posted on my finds!

My health has taken a beating since starting up my exercise sessions, which basically means that I need to boost my frail immune system. I’m getting started on Vitamin B Complex & Vit C pills along with fish oil capsules for a less sickly existence. Supplements aside, the body relies best on natural aids so I am going to do what I can to improve my lifestyle – admittedly, I can be careless with caring for my health. I think the years of being sickly got to me and instead of going the hypochondriac way, I went to the other extreme .. being neglectful.

I have lost some really precious souls to illness, and I have seen firsthand the repercussions of ignoring one’s health on the body. Perhaps a year or 2 ago, I may not have given a care for leading a long, fulfilling existence. But I have no such apathy for my life as it is today.

On that note, I’d just like to say that I am always here should any of my readers need a listening ear. So please, do not hesitate to reach out. Send an email to, I might be a little slow with replies but I Will give your emails my full attention. This is my way of paying it forward for the good deeds that have been done for my betterment by strangers & familiar faces alike.

Cheers to the weekend 😉
Be Kind to One Another,
Be Kind to Yourself

xxxo Aarti Olivia


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