fitness diary : week 3

Heya !

I am glad to report that I managed to get in 2 workout sessions for this week. I was struggling with just one workout per week so this is a step up.

The first workout this week was Hellish. Mainly due to the fact that the time of the month always weakens me to the point of fainting spells. It was the tail end of that dreaded time and I was literally seeing stars while walking on the treadmill. My head hurt, my balance was off but I stayed on course and completed the walk. Success!

This morning’s workout was a whole lot better. I had a good night’s rest so I woke up refreshed and since the hormones are back in order, I wasn’t feeling sluggish or under the weather. Also, I made very sure that I watched my breathing – I forget to pace myself at times. Cannot afford to mess with this, being asthmatic.

The slight modification to the session today was adding a few reps of oblique crunches (for the sides) and lying butt lifts (lower abs, posterior).

Diagonal Oblique Crunches :


Since Im only 3 weeks young to my new lease on fitness, I use a chair to prop the feet at a 90 degree angle.

Lying Butt lifts :


cool down stretches and a warm shower later, I decided to have something different for breakfast – pear and mango fruit salad. A surprisingly complementary pair of fruits! Loved it!


These sessions have helped me remember the many ways that I stayed fit and healthy over the years. This time its no longer a battle to reach the optimal BMI range, develop washboard abs or lose close to a 100 pounds. So I feel good about incorporating the little things that I have learnt over the years because there no longer is that immense pressure.

I was hung up on getting slim and it made me so miserable everyday. Eating wasn’t enjoyable, working out was an obsession. I don’t recall ever feeling happy when the desired weight was within sight.

But this time, it’s a different universe of goals, perspectives, ideals.

Most importantly, It Feels Good



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