the reluctant Yuppie


Another week tackled with, a weekend
to relax during. If we had 3 days to celebrate a weekend, life would be so good haha !

Well this Friday evening, I met the hubster in town after work for some window shopping. Remember how I mentioned about the store Flow? Well, silly me had no idea that it was only available in the mall for one month! So I was really disappointed when I couldn’t find the store. It’s strange that they didn’t consider opening a proper plus size boutique store. There certainly IS a market for it, so it’s bizarre.
Anyway, it wasn’t a trip wasted!

This was my look for the evening, in my work wear.


printed silk top – Monsoon
black pencil skirt – Cotton On
tan zebra print ballet flats – Rubi
vintage bib necklace – Lemon Kitscharms blog
satchel bag – Ministry of Cube


Normally, I’d head home for a quick change out of my work clothing because Im not one for formal corporate wear. But, it was a long work day and I was too tired to change so I decided to give you guys a glimpse of Olivia, the reluctant yuppie haha!



Makeup was simply teal eyeliner at the lower lash line and my light pink Nivea lip gloss.



The necklace Im wearing is a personal favourite, the blogger sources vintage items from around the globe and breathes new life into them by cleaning them up and making additions. I’ve always been fascinated by authentic vintage wear, the history behind an item. Some people find it icky or morbid, but hey to each her own 😉


I ended my work week with a heavy heart, upon finding out about the demise of Talia.

Talia Joy Castellano was an exceptionally talented and beautiful 13 year old girl, who was suffering from stage 4 cancer since the age of 7. She turned her bouts of depression during the illness into creative bursts where she pursued her love of makeup, with the initial nudge from a friend, who is a cancer survivor.

I chanced upon her makeup tutorials 2 years ago and was always smiling at her goofy sense of humor. She did have personal vlogs which were bittersweet – despite all that pain and suffering, she focused on the positive. She was a fighter all the way.

Now that she is gone, the skies have gained one bright star. If a heaven exists, Talia will be strutting her way through it on a ramp with a gorgeous head of hair and impeccable makeup. She will be painless, and she will be laughing. She has touched so many hearts and has changed lives. I know she worked her infectious spirit through my heart.

Cheers to Talia




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