casual Sunday: the maxi striped skirt

Hi, Hello, Howdy!
Isn’t time just whizzing by? We’re already halfway through 2013! Christmas is going to be here in the blink of an eye, and Diwali before that (Yay!).

It’s fasting month for my Muslim friends and the supermarkets have an endless supply of sweet treats and dates. Mm so tempting! Couldn’t help myself so I bought a packet of coconut cookies. All I can say is, when it melts in your’s yummmmy.


I reckon Im a lot more excited during the Ramadan season than Diwali because I simply LOVE Malay & Indonesian food. Oh look at me the foodie talking! :p

Anyhoo, back to being a fashion blogger ahem! This weekend was spent with a languid air about it. What with the new exercise regime and other things to keep me occupied during the week, I was pretty spent by Friday.

Saturday was spent at home, relaxing. The hubster and I then headed to my bestie Soma’s place to hang out. We had samosas with home made chutney by my bestie Esther’s mom, watched Man of Steel and just chilled out.

This was my look for Sunday:




black tank top – Cotton On
striped black & white maxi skirt – eBay Singapore
chevron patterned necklace – Ministry of Cube
laser cut out green flats – Rubi

I needed to quench my curiosity on how I would look in a longer skirt, and I think this is the first of many more to come! I like how it accentuates my curves and this is a look I would definitely carry off for laid back outings like today’s. I do have tank tops in several other colours but I think black makes for an excellent match with this jersey skirt.

I added pops of colour with the help of the necklace, shoes and makeup. I think Im getting a wee bit closer to achieving the cateye liner look, and Im going to keep working at it til near perfection!







It’s back to the daily grind in a few hours for us in the East, and I hope it’s a fulfilling one for you and I. This week saw me move up to 2 workouts, and the goal for the week ahead will be completing 3 workouts. Onwards!

None of this would be possible without the support of my husband, Suresh. Who is my rock, my reason to laugh and smile, my muse and partner in crime. He has loved me at my worst and I can see that he is glad to watch my metamorphosis into a confident plus sized chick. Just wanted to say I love you so much bubu. Thank you for everything 🙂

On that note of love & gratitude,
I wish you a beautiful week ahead..
Be Kind to One Another

xxxo Aarti Olivia





4 thoughts on “casual Sunday: the maxi striped skirt

    1. thanks babe! Im gonna try out other styles aside from ballet flats though, need a change. But this surely is a fresh look from my orthopaedic slippers Lol!

    1. thank you!
      Yes I didn’t want to leave it devoid of color, which is quite an improvement given how black was my Only colour when I was 16 haha!

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