Movie nite Saturday

Heya !
How’s the weekend comin along?
Mine has been good so far, spent the day with mom & sis at the folks’ place yesterday and had home cooked food πŸ™‚ Im always so busy mothering others and my pets so it felt comforting to be the one being mothered. Plus my folks do spoil me silly!

It’s the last week of the month which usually means we fly below the radar because we await payday haha..So the hubster and I had dinner with Esther & Chita at Empire State, a western food place at Greenwich. Sounds like Im living in NY and London hah, nope it’s just my very cosmopolitan Singapore!

The look I went for was decidedly casual:



sleeveless maroon top – Cotton On
jeans – Asos
necklace & earrings – thrift store
shoes – Rubi
boho scarf – thrift store



I’ve always been into scarves and I have a basketful of them that have just been lying in my cupboard so I decided to use one to jazz up this look. I like how it complements both the top and my skin tone.

The top isn’t as slimming as some others that I have, but it’s uber comfortable and I really dig the colour. I don’t always feel the need to wear form fitting clothing, but I do avoid really loose clothing. That just does nothing but hang on the body, doesn’t accentuate anything and I feel like a sack of potatoes. This top isn’t my definition of very loose clothing!

I so LOVE the necklace I have on.
Being the geek that I am, I was stoked when I chanced upon this Pegasus pendant! Yes, that mythical Greek horse. Horses are one of my most loved animals, they embody that sense of free spiritedness that I value. Now Pegasus was not Just a horse, it was a horse with wings!

Yes I just geeked out haha.



I don’t usually have my hair up, well this is how your blogger looks with an updo


For makeup, I applied a bronze shimmer over the eyes, cheeks and dΓ©colletage and applied a Revlon lippie that is close to my lip colour.




I don’t believe in dressing to the nines for Every single blog post. Simply because as a plus sized chick, I want to showcase outfits that can be worn casually, semi formal, for a party etc. This is my everyday life and this is how I dress now but I wasn’t this way before. I was not savvy or in the know about how I could carry off clothing with my body shape. I want you, my dear reader to know that you are not alone in your web of insecurities. I am still learning the ropes, by trial and error, by inspiration from a look that I have seen and liked, by what feels good to wear by my standards. I hope that you find your way to loving how you look as well. There is nothing stopping you from doing so.

I will leave you with a pic taken tonight with my kitty Bindi, who wasn’t excited to be carried let alone have her picture taken haha! Have an awesome weekend πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Movie nite Saturday

  1. I totally geeked out at that pendant before I heard the accompanying story which made me even more impressed by it and by your divine taste in jewelry as well. πŸ™‚ Greek mythology has been a lifetime interest of mine and that pendant is so beautifully symbolic.

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