blog developments

Hello y’all,

I’d actually written the previous post a few days back but only got the time to publish it proper tonight so it’s not like Im typing 2 posts tonight! Im not That hyper!

So I would just like to keep you updated on some new developments to the blog.

1) One ootd post per week
I’ve decided to tone it down to just 1 weekly outfit post because I would much rather have a look and post of quality than just churn out posts for the sake of exposure. My aim has always been to make this an all-rounded blog on my thoughts and experiences as a plus size girl, with a fashion element. I will not just have simply one blog post of course, I hope to write about matters that are relevant to the extra curvy chick. Also, I do rather enjoy writing up posts on Beauty, Jewellery and the latest trends so those will be some areas that I will delve into a little more now.

2) Developing a network of plus size fashionistas. This is a matter that I consider of utmost importance, especially since we still don’t have much of a voice in many parts of the world. I would love to collaborate and feature posts on fellow full figured lasses, so if you are interested do send me an email at :

3) Health
I come from a family with a horrible medical history, obesity-related health conditions being one of the biggest problems. I know that I will cut a slim figure but that isn’t the issue here. But I would like to deal with my recurring health complications and issues better. It doesn’t matter if I am at a size 18 or 12, I just want a cleaner bill of health. So I will chart my journey to better living henceforth.

4) Last but not Least – Body Image.
It all whittles down to that little critic in our heads..the unfortunate by-product of all those years of insensitive comments and uncalled-for prejudice. I am all about female empowerment. Improving the self esteem is an essential part of that empowerment.

This is the direction I will shift the blog into and I hope that you will enjoy the journey. You live, You learn right? Looking forward to share these bits and pieces as I go along.

Stay Awesome people πŸ™‚
xxxo Aarti Olivia


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